Xynergy CoEnzyme A 1000mg (90 caps)

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Your body manufactures it and cannot live without it. It facilitates more than 100 chemical reactions.


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CoEnzyme A 1000mg 
(90 caps)
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Xynergy CoEnzyme A 1000mg overview

Your body manufactures it and cannot live without it. It facilitates more than 100 chemical reactions.

Further information about Xynergy CoEnzyme A 1000mg

The Master Enzyme
Your body manufactures it and cannot live without it. It facilitates more than 100 chemical reactions. Lack of it can cause depression, anxiety, impaired sense of balance, irritability, fatigue, deterioration of the immune system and ageing. It constantly needs replenishing, so a good supply of it does the body a power of good and is thought to slow down the process of ageing.
Many scientific studies have shown that Coenzyme-A (CoA) is the 'master enzyme' - in fact the most active metabolic enzyme in the body - that triggers so many metabolic processes. CoA is the vital catalyst needed to utilise Co-Q10, NADH and other energy producing metabolic enzymes. It is also thought to play a major role in the body's ability to cope with stress and strengthen the immune system.
What exactly is Coenzyme-A and what is its key function?
CoA is the most active metabolic enzyme in the human body and is required to metabolise fat, carbohydrate and protein converting them into energy at the cellular level. One of the most crucial functions CoA performs is the initiation of the body's energy cycle (variously referred to as the ATP, TCA, Krebs or citric acid cycle), which produces over 90% of the body's energy.
Lack of CoA, or when the energy cycle is blocked, can cause a range of dysfunctions including fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, impaired sense of balance, easy irritability and abnormal need for sleep. However, CoA is also vital to immune system support and the body's ability to cope with stress. All in all, it is a 'master' that is bound to generate a following.
A technological breakthrough
Nicholaos Skouras, cell biologist and expert in Coenzyme A metabolism, made a significant breakthrough in the search to enhance levels of CoA in the human body. He created a unique product - Coenzyme A? enabling the body to make more CoA itself within the cells, quite naturally.
Coenzyme A? contains a balanced combination of active nutritional compounds that can be used by the body to support the manufacture and utilisation of this coenzyme.

The Benefits of Coenzyme-A
* Reduces the effects of stress and slows the ageing process
* Initiates the energy cycle (Krebs cycle) which produces 90% of the body's energy
* Supports the development and functions of the female and male sex organs
* Initiates fatty acid metabolism
* Strengthens the immune system
* Facilitates the repair of RNA and DNA
* Aids the manufacture of connective tissue
Enhance CoA levels and you can de-age your body.
It was Leslie Kenton who, once again, introduced Nick Skouras and Coenzyme A? to Xynergy. In fact, there is a whole chapter in her latest book "Age Power" about the master enzyme. This is what she has to say about it:
"His (Nick Skouras) piece de resistance is a product called, simply, Coenzyme A? - without doubt the world's best kept anti-ageing secret. Biochemists praise it. Doctors who have used it report it is capable of turning patients lives around. But, because of the complexity and the ingeniousness of the way it has been formulated, very few people in the general public are as yet aware of how transformative it can be."
?Reports from them (people who have used the product) of enhanced vitality, increased capacity to handle stress, more rapid healing from both acute and chronic conditions, and improved skin and hair, joints and muscles are legion. Men and women previously on hormone replacement therapy report their bodies are now producing their own hormones. Others speak of CoA's ability to enhance immune functions and repair physical injuries and claim using Coenzyme A? has made them highly resistant to illness and to ageing."

How to use Xynergy CoEnzyme A 1000mg

Adults as a dietary supplement take 1 capsule with 2 times daily, 1/2 an hour before meals.

Xynergy CoEnzyme A 1000mg warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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