Vitabiotics Wellwoman Advanced Formula (30 caps)

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Wellwoman Advanced Formula 
(30 caps)
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Vitabiotics Wellwoman Advanced Formula (30 caps) £7.09

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Further information about Vitabiotics Wellwoman Advanced Formula

"Intelligent nutrition for women, concentrating on women's health interests: energy, vitality, the monthly cycle and the immune system".

Combines in a single supplement, special nutrients at levels individually determined for women's health interests.
Provides a wide range of nutrients with EveningPrimrose and Starflower Oil, to support the areas of health which are of most interest to women.
Recommended by She magazine and recognised by their professional health and beauty team as an ideal supplement to help maintain vibrant looks and general wellbeing.
Developed for healthy skin, with nutrients and trace elements for energy, a strong immune system and to help women maintain their balance throughout the monthly cycle.
Wellwoman is a blend of vitamins and minerals at levels scientifically determined to be optimal for busy, modern women. It is unlike any other general multivitamin and mineral supplement in that it carefully balances micronutrient levels with rich sources of GLA to optimise potential benefit for women in a broad range of health areas.
Concentrating on women's health interests

With a wide range of nutrients and trace elements to support the areas of health which are of most interest to women, Wellwoman provides natural support for a healthy lifestyle and vibrant looks. The scientifically advanced formula helps to maintain healthy skin, energy levels and a strong immune system, and provides Evening Primrose and Starflower Oils for support throughout the monthly cycle.
Inner cosmetics

Wellwoman contains the latest advancements in expert beauty care, since research shows that certain nutrients may act as "internal cosmetics" protecting skin and hair from the inside. It is medically recognized that sagging skin and other conditions such as reddening and wrinkling of skin, ageing of skin cells, and even DNA damage are primarily caused by free radical damage. Researchers have agreed that antioxidant vitamins C, E and beta-carotene are "valuable agents" in preventing such damage. B vitamins, biotin, and minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc are also included as they are essential for hair and nail formation.
Recommended by She magazine

Wellwoman is recommended by She magazine and recognised by their professional health and beauty team as an ideal supplement for a healthy lifestyle and vibrant looks. She is the original glossy lifestyle magazine, which reflects the values, needs and multi-faceted priorities of modern women. Wellwoman and She are ideal partners, sharing a common philosophy that acknowledges the importance of balance in women's lives
Scientifically balanced

Based on years of international clinical research, the Wellwoman formula is well balanced, even including the exact level of folic acid recommended by the Department of Health for women from the first day of conception to the twelve week of pregnancy - because women of child-bearing age sometimes need nutritional support before they even know they are pregnant.

Vitabiotics Wellwoman Advanced Formula warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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