Vitabiotics Wellman OAD (30 caps)

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Wellman OAD 
(30 caps)
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Further information about Vitabiotics Wellman OAD

"For Health, Work & Sport"
"Introducing the new daily supplement for men who want to excel."
Provides essential bio-elements scientifically formulated for the specific needs of men.
Wellman contains antioxidants and essential nutrients for the immune system.
Contains zinc and vitamin E to help maintain sexual health in men.
Also included are garlic, ginseng, betacarotene and citrus bioflavonoids.
Today's lifestyle is having a great impact on men's health. But increasingly men are looking to take control, and safeguard their own wellbeing.

To maintain peak mental and physical performance certain nutrients are essential. WELLMAN has been scientifically developed by an expert team, to help safeguard these elements and maintain health and vitality levels in men.

Each one-a-day capsule provides a complete spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. But unlike a general multivitamin, the ingredients are at levels specially for men.

A comprehensive formula of 30 important elements

Antioxidants and essential nutrients for the human immune system.
With selenium, vitamins A, C & E, minerals and betacarotene in combination with natural citrus bioflavonoids. These help protect the body against the damage caused by excess free radicals, which attack cell structures.

Zinc. A vital mineral involved in over 300 enzyme processes, which along with vitamin E, may help maintain sexual health in men.
Vitamin B complex. Required for the proper function of the aaaaa nervous system and muscles, plus the release of energy from food.
Garlic, amino acids, PABA and ginseng.
Wellman is unique and recommended for men of all ages. It's ideal for sportsmen and those with a hectic lifestyle. Wellman can be taken every day and there is no maximum length of time over which it can be used. So if you want to give yourself an advantage, what are you waiting for?
Wellman Health Survey

Men are now becoming aware that certain nutrients are essential to maintain peak mental and physical performance. New research carried out on behalf of Vitabiotics shows that 35% of men surveyed claimed to be very interested in health, and 59% fairly interested. 29% of men surveyed claimed to already take a multivitamin, but over 75% claimed they would consider buying a supplement specially for men.

taking a supplement would be:

General Health 82%
Fitness & stamina 41%
Hair or skin 23%
Help with stress 23%
Immune system 12%

Wellman s ideal for athletes. It has been tested in training by the young men of the British Nordic Ski Team. World class fitness is required and the regime includes Ski Jumping, Cross Country Skiing: and Roller Skiing. The British National Coach, found that results with Wellman were so impressive, he not only recommends it for his squad but takes it for himself too! He reports "I am convinced that Wellman is an excellent product not only for athletes but all those involved in physical activity".

Vitabiotics Wellman OAD ingredients

Vitabiotics Ltd

Product Name
Wellman Health and Vitality Capsules

Magnesium oxide, Pharmaceutical grade gelatin (German capsule shell), Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopheryl succinate prep.) Zinc sulphate, Vitamin C, Arginine, Methionine, Vitamon B6 (as HCI), Ferrous fumarate, para aminobenzoic acid, Silicon, Ginseng powder (Siberian), Garlic powder, Citrus bioflavonoids complex, Pantothic acid, (as Calcium salt), Thiamin (as Monoitrate), Niacin (Nicotinamide), Betacarotene, Manganese sulphate, Riboflavin (as Vitamin B2), Copper sulphate, Vitamin A (as Acetate prep.), Sodium selenate, Chromium gylcine chelate, Folacin (as Folic acid), Iodine (asPotassium iodide), Biotin, Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol prep.), Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamine prep.), Natural source colours: Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide.

Vitabiotics Wellman OAD warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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