Tower Health Salt for Salitair (220g)

BIN number: 20438

Natural halit salt crystals from the Klodawa Mines in Poland to top up and refresh the Salitair.


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Tower Health 
Salt for Salitair 
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Tower Health Salt for Salitair (220g) £6.95

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Tower Health Salt for Salitair overview

Natural halit salt crystals from the Klodawa Mines in Poland to top up and refresh the Salitair.

Further information about Tower Health Salt for Salitair

The NEW natural respiratory aid to easier breathing - Home salt mine therapy for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory system disorders.

Redesigned with a refillable salt chamber, Salitair can be emptied for a complete and thorough clean of the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene.

The salt inside can also be topped up or completely refilled with replacement salt available to keep Salitair fresh and working at its best. Salitair comes with 220g of natural halit salt crystals for 3-4 refills.

100% Natural...Proven...Tested...Safe...Effective...No Drugs...No Side Effects
Hand-held treatment - only 15 minutes per day!

Do you suffer from:

?(no other information), bronchitis or rhinitis?

?Hayfever, pollen allergies or other allergies of the respiratory tract?

?Whooping-cough or colds?


?Respiratory problems caused by smoking?

A few minutes of regular daily use:

?Helps you breathe more easily

?Assists rehabilitation and medical treatment

?Helps to cleanse the respiratory system

Clinical Tests prove the effects of Salitair:

?Gives significant improvements in Forced Expiratory Volume during the first second

?Mucus becomes thinner thus easier expectoration

?Night suffocation and coughing is reduced or prevented completely

?Easier breathing

The Salitair is a clinically tested, handy pipe filled with salt crystals from the Polish Klodawa salt mine. Its salty microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system. When using the device, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron sized particles of the salt, then penetrates into your respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects. The sodium content of the active ingredient induces natural self-cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the air passages.

For centuries, salts have been used as folk remedies by many different cultures in regions around the World. Today people suffering from respiratory disorders travel to curative mines such as Wieliczka in Poland, Hallein in Austria or Praid in Romania. Or they visit seaside locations for high humidity, salty air. Healing therapies using salt to ease respiratory problems may involve inhaling salt brine vapour, gargling with brine or using rock salt combined with essential oils for inhalation. Rock salt is available in many health stores for use as an aid to easing respiratory problems.

Now you can achieve the benefits of salt therapy easily, simply and in the comfort of your own home. The Salitair is the modern way to experience salt therapy and has no side effects.

Q How do I use Salitair?
A Salitair can be comfortably held in the hand, insert the pipe into your mouth and inhale through your mouth. You do not need to inhale more deeply than during normal breathing. You should then exhale through the nose as this ensures that the complete respiratory tract is thoroughly cleansed and prevents any moisture from your breath going back into the pipe. You may experience increased expectoration after use of Salitair which shows the effectiveness of the device as it cleans the respiratory tract. Salitair should be used continuously for 15 minutes daily.

Q Is Salitair suitable for children?
A Salitair can be used by a person of any age so long as they are able to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

Q Can I still take my current medication?
A As Salitair contains only natural ingredients there are no side effects and it can be used alongside any current medication.

Q Will Salitair affect my xxxxxxx?
A No, the amount of sodium that enters the body is very low and will not affect xxxxxxx. Most of it is expelled through the nose.

Q How do I clean and store Salitair?
A It is important not to store Salitair in places of high humidity such as in the bathroom, and it should not come into contact with water. Salitair has been uniquely designed to allow you to periodically replace or refill the salt chamber enabling you to empty and clean the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene. Replacement packs of salt can be purchased from Tower Health or in selected pharmacies

Tower Health Salt for Salitair ingredients

Contains 220g of salt, enough for 3-4 complete refills of the Salitair.

Salt for Salitair does not contain:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Soya
  • Sugar
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheat
  • Yeast

How to use Tower Health Salt for Salitair

As directed on the label

Tower Health Salt for Salitair warnings

Keep out of reach from children

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