Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) (1 Pack)

BIN number: 5439

Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson)

Sorry, Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) (1 Pack) is not for sale.

Reason: Discontinued by maker
Suggested alterative: Nipits Liquorice Pellets-pure (11GX18)

Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) (1 Pack) may be available from our Pontefract and Wakefield stores: Pomfret Herbalist or Wakefield Herbalist.

Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) 
(1 Pack)
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Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) overview

Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson)

Further information about Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson)

Liquorice & Menthol

Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) ingredients

Physical Specifications
The flavour: Strong licorice, no aniseed, not particularly sweet. Texture: Hard but not brittle, could not crunch them. They dissolved in the mouth with no residue.

Imps were small black 'bits', 4mm x 3mm x 2mm, cut at an angle but not a pronounced diamond shape. Not sharp edges either - pillow shaped - probably cut from a sheet before drying. Packaging: Small white box with black text with a matchbox sized but flap opening. The contents did not stick together - they rattled. There are made by: Ernest Jackson & Co Ltd., Crediton, Devon, EX17 3AP, UK. Still widely available in the UK.

Sweets Mighty Imps (Ernest Jackson) warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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