Sunsweet Prune Juice (946ml)

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Prune Juice


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Prune Juice 
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Sunsweet Prune Juice overview

Prune Juice

Further information about Sunsweet Prune Juice

French Prunes Are Asian
"Prune d'Agen," or the French prune, is the principal variety produced in California. Despite its name the French prune did not originate in France but in Western Asia.

Historians report that these prunes were first introduced to Europe through Hungary from Turkistan in the 15th century. Commercial production began in France in comparatively recent times. It was from France that the first prunes were introduced into California in 1856 by San Jose nurseryman Louis Pellier.

When Is A Plum a Prune?
Botanically speaking, a prune is a plum, but not all plums can become prunes. A fresh plum variety, known as the prune-plum, is one of the few plum varieties which can be dried without severe fermentation. Technically, only dried plums are called prunes, though the term is commonly applied to fresh plums which can be dried successfully.

Putting The Wrinkles In
Harvested fresh prunes are delivered by the grower to dehydrators where the fruit is mechanically spread on 3 by 6-foot wooden drying trays and stacked 26 trays high on small rail cars. These are rolled into 40-foot long concrete tunnels where the fruit is exposed to hot circulating air to dry. It takes about 18 hours at 185?F to remove about 80 percent of the moisture in prunes. Dried prunes are mechanically removed from trays and stored in 4-foot square bins which are transported to this processing plant.

Cut Fruit is Sun Dried
Tree-ripened apricots, peaches, pears and apples are halved by machine or by hand, pits or cores are removed and the fruit is placed cut-side up on drying trays in a large sun-drenched area called a dry yard. The fruit is treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve color and food value. Fruit remains in the dry yards from one day to a week, depending upon the temperature. After drying, the trays of fruit are stacked in the shade to complete the curing. Dried fruit is then removed from the trays into lug boxes or bins for storage and shipment to the plant.

A Year 'Round Operation
All fruit delivered to the Sunsweet plant has been dried. Dried fruit receiving season is from August through mid-November. The facility operates on a year-round, two-shift basis. Peak season processing occurs each year between September and December.

World's Prune Center
This Yuba City plant was opened in 1975 on a 75-acre plot of land. With nearly 19 acres of that land under one roof, the plant has approximately 825,000 square feet of floor space (that's equal to almost five football fields). Two adjacent warehouse facilities were constructed in 1989 and 1998. In 1991, Sunsweet opened a bottling facility in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, to supply the ever-increasing East Coast market with juice products.

Sunsweet turns its yearly dried prune and cut fruit crops into a variety of different products. Prunes and cut fruit are packed into cartons, bags, bulk cases, cans and jars. Prune juice is packed into bottles and cans. About a third of Sunsweet's prune production goes into whole prune packs. Another third makes up pitted prune packs and the remainder is used for prune juice, canned prunes and concentrate. Sunsweet Prune Juice was a first for the industry as were Sunsweet Pitted Prunes which the cooperative developed in 1965. Also produced at the Yuba City and Fleetwood facilities, through co-pack agreements, are private label cranberry juice items and a multitude of bottled drink items for Snapple.

Products are manufactured at the Sunsweet plant in a flexible production operation. Whole and pitted prunes are transported by a network of overhead conveyors to 10 packaging lines for visible bags, stand-up pouch bags, cartons, bulk cases and cans. Automatically weighed fruit flows into packs ranging in size from one ounce to 50 pounds and labeled in 20 foreign languages. Sunsweet products are packed in a myriad of different packages. In addition, there are three juice lines capable of filling bottles ranging in size from 16 ounces to 64 ounces and cans from 5.5 ounces to 46 ounces.

Each day, an average of 60,000 cases of Sunsweet products are sealed, palletized and stored. On an extra busy day, as many as 80,000 cases can be shipped out on trucks and railcars bound for distribution around the world.

Production efficiency is very high. Most important of all is the fact that this high efficiency can be achieved while Sunsweet maintains the highest product quality standards anywhere. No effort is spared to make sure this world-famous product remains the best.

Sunsweet Prune Juice warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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