Springfield Netraceuticals Cranaxil Cranberry Concentrate 500mg (30 vegcaps)

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All these compounds act in synergy with each other, although it is thought that the specific cranberry proanthocyanidins in particular are responsible for creating a healthy environment in the bladder and therefore to help the bladder keep clear. Cranaxil capsules - containing whole cranberry concentrate - offer a modern and effective way to take advantage of the bene¬ficial properties of cranberry for a healthy urinary tract and bladder. Cranaxil is safe and can be taken long-term or frequently by woman as well by elderly and children. Even men can profit from Cranaxil for a healthy pros¬tate and urinary tract.


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Springfield Netraceuticals 
Cranaxil Cranberry Concentrate 500mg 
(30 vegcaps)
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Springfield Netraceuticals Cranaxil Cranberry Concentrate 500mg overview

Cranaxil features a patented technology which protects the bioactive components of the cranberry from being degraded by digestive fluids in the stomach. This technology optimizes the bioavailability of active compounds in Cranaxil.
Furthermore, it is the only dosage confirmed (500mg) cranberry product available which uses 34 pounds of whole fresh cranberries to produce one pound of Cranaxil giving it 3 times greater antioxidant activity than cranberry juice and 25% more fibre while maintaining a healthy urinary tract.
Cranaxil cranberry concentrate has not been reported to cause side effects and has no known contraindications for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Cranaxil does not contain any preservatives, carriers, solvents, sugars, water, flavourings or added synthetic colouring agents. The capsules are made of botanical celluloses. This makes Cranaxil suitable for vegetarians as well.
Directions for use: take one capsule of 500mg Cranaxil one to two times daily.

Springfield Netraceuticals Cranaxil Cranberry Concentrate 500mg warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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