Solgar Shark Liver Oil 500mg (60 softgels)

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Shark Liver Oil Complex Softgels 500 mg


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Shark Liver Oil 500mg 
(60 softgels)
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Solgar Shark Liver Oil 500mg overview

Shark Liver Oil Complex Softgels 500 mg

Further information about Solgar Shark Liver Oil 500mg

100% Pure Norwegian
Sugar, Salt and Starch Free * Preservative-Free Softgels

Shark Products
Sharks do not have a calcified skeleton like mammals so their spinal column and fins are made up of only cartilage. This cartilage contains certain proteins and mucopolysaccarides which stimulate immune function within the shark to combat disease. It also provides organic calcium and phosphorus which are used metabolically as nutrients. Studies indicate that shark cartilage has 1,000 times the antiangiogenesis effect of any element found in mammals. This antiangiogenesis effect inhibits the development of new blood capillaries that a tumor needs to survive. There are several complex proteins identified in shark cartilage that perform this important function.

The quality of shark cartilage relies on several factors. It is important to start with the freshest, purest shark cartilage available. In addition, the potency and efficacy of shark cartilage depends on the means by which the cartilage protein is extracted.

Up until this point, high quality shark cartilage products have not been available for manufacturer brands because the select few shark cartilage producers gave exclusive distribution rights to the popular trademark brands. Finally, Solgar was able to develop a relationship with one of these producers in order to provide the market with a high quality shark cartilage product equivalent to these trademark brands at a lower cost. Solgar's Shark Cartilage is 100% pure from Australia which is renown for their strict and progressive standards and regulations in the harvesting and processing of shark products for human consumption. Solgar uses an exclusive, advanced cartilage extraction process employing an all-natural, "next generation" low temperature technology that eliminates microbial contamination, protects the integrity of the cartilage protein and excludes the use of harsh chemicals, radiation, ethylene oxide, bleach or excessive heat. The result of this tedious manufacturing process is a shark cartilage th

Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil is an old established natural health product used in ancient times in Norway and Sweden to promote the healing of wounds, irritations of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract and general debility. Over 100 years later, scientific studies researching the health benefits of shark liver oil have sparked new interest in various components found in the oil that exert beneficial effects on the body. Shark liver oil has been found to be rich in two very important constituents: alkylglycerols and squalene. Alkylglycerols are involved in the production of white blood cells. They increase the amount of white blood cells whose major function is to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. Squalene exerts a positive effect on liver and immune function and plays an important role in the skin as a fungistatic and carcinogen protective agent from UV exposure.


Solgar offers:

* both the popular high quality trademark shark cartilage brands (Cartilade and BeneFin) and an equivalent high quality Solgar brand (100% Pure Australian Shark Cartilage) at a significantly lower cost

* a Shark Liver Oil Complex that contains both alkylglycerols and squalene which is specially processed to exclude any significant amounts of vitamins A & D.

Solgar Shark Liver Oil 500mg ingredients

Shark Liver Oil Complex Softgels 500 mg

Each softgel provides:
100% Pure Norwegian Shark
Liver Oil Complex 500 mg

Shark Liver Oil with
20% Alkylglycerols ............................... 250 mg
Shark Liver Oil Squalene ............................... 250 mg

Softgel shell: gelatin and glycerin.

Solgar Shark Liver Oil 500mg warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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