Solgar Phosphatidyl Choline (100 soflgels)

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Phosphatidylcholine Softgels


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Phosphatidyl Choline 
(100 soflgels)
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Solgar Phosphatidyl Choline overview

Phosphatidylcholine Softgels

Further information about Solgar Phosphatidyl Choline

Triple Strength Lecithin
Sugar, Salt and Starch Free * Contains No Sorbitol
Preservative-Free Softgels
Lecithin/Lecithin Derivatives

Lecithin is used in foods as a fat emulsifier. As a nutritional supplement, it's a natural source of many nutrients including phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylserine and other phosphatides. Lecithin's most important physiological function may be its role in the biochemical processes of cell membranes, mitochondria and plasma.

Phospholipids are important compounds found in the structure of all cell membranes. Lecithin, an important source of phospholipids, is needed by every living cell in the human body. Cell membranes that regulate which nutrients may leave or enter a cell are largely composed of lecithin. Without lecithin, a cell membrane would harden. The cell's membrane offers protection from damage by oxidation. Interestingly, the protective sheaths surrounding the brain and nerve cells contain phospholipids as found in lecithin. Additionally, muscles and nerve cells also contain this essential fatty substance. Lecithin is a rich source of the B vitamins, especially choline. Lecithin can be found in high concentrations in soybeans and egg yolks. Although lecithin is a fatty substance, it acts as an emulsifying agent, assisting in the breakdown of fats/cholesterol. It enables fats such as, cholesterol and other lipids, to be dispersed in water and removed from the body. The vital organs and arteries are protected from fatty bu


Solgar offers:

* lecithin in two dosage forms: a granular form to be mixed with shakes or sprinkled on foods and easy to swallow softgels

* a selection of lecithin derivatives (e.g., Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine) which pose specific healthful benefits

Solgar Phosphatidyl Choline ingredients

Phosphatidylcholine Softgels

Each softgel provides:
Triple Strength Lecithin ...........................1,200 mg
(providing 420 mg phosphatidylcholine)

In a natural base of: soy lecithin.
Softgel shell: gelatin, glycerin.

Solgar Phosphatidyl Choline warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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