Solgar GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators (50 tabs)

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Gold Specifics Brain Modulators Tablets

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GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators 
(50 tabs)
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Solgar GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators overview

Gold Specifics Brain Modulators Tablets

Further information about Solgar GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators

Advanced Multi-Nutrient Dietary Supplement

Brain Modulators offer the cognition-enhancing nutrients and fatty acids responsible for the normal, healthy functioning of the brain. This formula supports proper neurotransmission, cerebral blood flow and membrane fluidity (membrane flexibility that permits neurons to communicate more efficiently).

Specifics are always better than generalities. Solgar's new Gold Specifics - a premium line of natural, combination formulas - get right to the point by aiding and supporting specific functions in your body. They're the cutting edge of nutritional science.

To create Gold Specifics, our researchers utilized the latest studies and the most advanced nutritional technology. Never before has science offered such a wealth of research about natural constituents and how they work in the body. Never before have we had such a clear understanding of their significant - and highly specific - physiological benefits.

As a result, Gold Specifics are revolutionary formulas - synergistic blends of vitamins, chelated minerals, free-form amino acids, advanced phytonutrients, powerful antioxidants, and potent standardized herbs. All incorporate the most innovative ingredients available today. All offer precise nutrient levels to ensure optimal results and proper nutrient forms for efficient absorption and utilization. And all include active nutrient components - many newly discovered - that get right to the point: The heart. The joint. The cell. Whatever part of the body you want covered.

After all, the direct approach is always best.

Solgar GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators ingredients

Three (3) tablets provide:

Phosphatidylcholine 500 mg
Acetyl-L Carnitine 300 mg
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, dibencozide) 200 mcg
Folic Acid 200 mcg
Phosphatidylserine (LECI- PS(TM) 160 mg
DHA (docohexaenoic acid) 120 mg
Standardized Ginkgo Biloba
(24% ginkgoflavoglycosides/6% terpene lactones) 80 mg

LECI-PS? is a registered trademark of Lucas Meyer, Inc.

Available in bottles of 60 tablets.

Tableted with these natural ingredients vegetable powdered cellulose, silica, vegetable magnesium steorate.

Solgar GOLD SPECIFICS Brain Modulators warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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