Solgar Apple Pectin (4oz)

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Apple Pectin Powder


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Apple Pectin 
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Solgar Apple Pectin overview

Apple Pectin Powder

Further information about Solgar Apple Pectin

Sugar, Salt and Starch Free * Suitable For Vegetarians
Powdered apple pectin prepared from choice selected apples.

Dietary fiber is defined as all food substances that our digestive enzymes cannot break down and utilize as energy. All fibers fall into two basic categories: water soluble and water insoluble which are further divided into five subclasses: cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pectin and gum. In the diet, insoluble fibers are typically found in wheat bran, whole grains, skins of fruits/vegetables and nuts. Soluble fibers, on the other hand, may be found in oats, pectin, guar, barley, beans and sea vegetables. The health benefits of insoluble and soluble fibers have been well documented. There are some nutrients contained in fiber that may be extracted for the body to use, but the basic fiber structure passes through our digestive tract to clean our intestines and give more bulk to the stool. It actually helps the bowels function more efficiently.

More specifically, insoluble fibers absorb large amounts of water, stimulate the intestinal tract and provide gastrointestinal benefits. Soluble fibers are characteristically sticky and mesh with water to form gels. They modulate blood glucose by slowing its absorption into the bloodstream. In addition, they lower elevated blood cholesterol by binding bile salts which cause the body to break down more cholesterol to manufacture more bile salts. Furthermore, they chelate toxins (e.g., heavy metals) in the intestinal tract.

National food surveys reveal that Americans only consume approximately one third of the fiber they need. While the government's new Food Pyramid suggests five servings per day of fresh fruits and vegetables, the average is closer to two. The average low fiber diet provides only 10-20 grams of fiber daily. Simple modifications to one's diet may be made to increase dietary fiber such as, including a high fiber cereal for breakfast, choosing brown rice over white rice, including 2-3 pieces of fresh fruits (with skins) in between meals, etc. Additionally, high fiber supplements may also be used to complement one's dietary need for increased fiber intake.


Solgar offers:
*a well rounded selection of individual soluble and insoluble plant fibers
* Multiple Fiber Formula containing a synergistic blend of nature's best soluble and insoluble plant fibers specially designed to have a gentler effect on the intestinal tract

Solgar Apple Pectin ingredients

Apple Pectin Powder

Each 1/4 teaspoon provides:
Apple Pectin............................................approx. 1,000 mg

No excipients.

Solgar Apple Pectin warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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