Savant Missing Link Master Nutrient Formula (454g)

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Suggested alterative: Lepicol Lepicol (420g)

Missing Link Master Nutrient Formula 
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Savant Missing Link Master Nutrient Formula overview


Further information about Savant Missing Link Master Nutrient Formula

The Master Nutrient Formula is an all-natural food supplement designed to fill the nutritional gap between what we obtain from our typical "Western" diet and what we would be able to obtain from an ideal and natural diet.

A diet becomes more ideal as more local, fresh, raw, organic, sunripened and in season foods are eaten. The more processed, preserved, heated, canned, dried, artificially flavoured foods we eat the greater this "nutritional gap" becomes.

There are eight nutrient and non-nutrient factors that are so important to daily preventative health care and maintenance. These are:

Friendly bacteria for a healthy digestive system
Soluble and non-soluble dietary fibre for bowel health, sustained energy and appetite control
Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids carefully prepared and properly packaged to ensure their natural, unaltered molecular state
Active enzymes from natural sources for proper digestion, strong immune system and detoxification
Balanced protein for optimum growth and cell maintenance
Naturally occurring vitamins in their unaltered state
Major and trace minerals as they occur naturally in our whole food and food concentrate ingredients
An effective array of 'phytochemicals' which are disease fighting, health-benefiting naturally occurring plant molecules
Today we need these eight health promoting, disease preventing factors in our diets because our health is being threatened by borderline deficiencies, marginal levels of nutrients, and nutrients in the wrong, or altered, form that the body does not recognise and use - or does so only in less effective ways.

To bridge the nutritional gap we have to ensure we deliver our products to the consumer in their natural, biologically active state. To do this, Designing Health Inc. developed proprietary manufacturing and handling methods that preclude exposure to heat, light, and oxygen after a "critical point" in the formulation. This virtual elimination of heat, light and oxygen is absolutely necessary because they rapidly destroy and alter the delicate natural molecular structure and bio-activity of the ingredients.

Finally, the products are packaged according to stringent specifications using the highest quality materials available to ensure that the integrity and viability of the ingredients is maintained.

Savant Missing Link Master Nutrient Formula warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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