Savant Flax Seed Oil Organic (500ml)

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Suggested alterative: Savant Udo\'s Digestive Enzyme Blend (90 caps)

Flax Seed Oil Organic 
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Further information about Savant Flax Seed Oil Organic

The first oil to be produced using the pioneering technology was Flax Seed Oil. This is produced from Certified Organic Flax seeds and is the richest source of Omega 3 Essential fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid.

Linseed and flax oil are identical, sharing the Latin name "Linum Usitatissium". Linseed Oil is "nutritional gold", but it must be freshly pressed and unrefined. The oil pressed from flax, beside being the most inexpensive and practical source of omega 3 fatty acids (55-60%), it is also a source of the omega 6 fats, carotene, and vitamin E.

Until very recently, this incredibly freshly pressed linseed oil was not produced in North America and had to be imported. However, the establishment of FMD's new and highly sophisticated oil pressing plant allows the production of fresh, cold pressed linseed oil, pressed from certified organically grown flax. During the pressing of the oil, the temperature remains below 40C. This gives the oil a surprisingly delightful, fresh, nutty taste. Because of Linseed Oil's superior nutritional make-up, the recommendation is that it always be used unheated.

Flax Oil is perishable and should be kept refrigerated at all possible times.

Savant Flax Seed Oil Organic warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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