Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets* (3 x 160 tabs)

BIN number: 4443

made especially for women who have big problems swallowing pills.


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Push Up 
The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets* 
(3 x 160 tabs)
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Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets* (3 x 160 tabs) £150.00

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Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets* overview

made especially for women who have big problems swallowing pills.

The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets*

Further information about Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets*

What does NPU S Quality mean?

S QUALITY stands for an upgrade of our product, made especially for women who have big problems swallowing pills.
Approximately 1 out of 500 clients prove absolutely unable to complete our basic programme, which is based on 10 tablets a day, according to the instructions, so they simply quit.
And, since the programme is based on using our product for an average of 8 months, stopping early means that your investment is totally wasted. To be able to help these women anyway we have developed S QUALITY, with which the same results can be realised but based on 5 tablets a day for eight months.
We offer you S QUALITY in a package containing 16 bubbles with 10 tablets in each bubble, intended as a 32-day programme. We probably hardly need remind you that only your bust line will increase in size, not the rest of your body! In fact you will even appear thinner, since your bust will become more pronounced.

How to use Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets*

5 tablets a day for eight months.

Please read label for instructions.

Push Up The Natural Push-Up *Buy 2 get 3 packets* warnings

Is it all right to use Natural Push Up during pregnancy?

We recommend against it. We would only recommend the use of natural Push Up during pregnancy if we could be absolutely certain that there would be no influence on the unborn child. One reason that we don?t consider such research urgent is that during pregnancy, women already experience an increase in the amount of glandular tissue without taking any pills.

Can I use Natural Push Up if I'm breast-feeding?

No this is not recommended for the same reasons that we recommend against use during pregnancy.

If I use it now, will it have any effect on future pregnancies?

No, it has no effect on future pregnancies. In view of the way this preparation works, that wouldn't be expected either.

At what age can a girl begin to use this preparation?

In the insert, the recommended minimum age is 18. This is in part based on the fact that we only want to distribute the product to individual who are legally considered adults. On biological grounds, there are no problems with the use of the product for girls after puberty. Use of the product prior to the end of puberty is not recommended because the breasts are then still in the development phase.

If a woman has breast implants, can she still use the product?

The answer to this question depends on the location of the implants. If the implants are under the breast muscle, then they present no obstacle to the use of natural Push Up. If the implants have actually been inserted into the breast, then they impede the growth of the glandular tissue. Because Natural Push Up still stimulates the growth of glandular tissue, the tissue that is present can be damaged because there is not enough room, and problems can occur. Therefore, if a woman has breast implants located in the breast itself, she can not use Natural Push Up.
In conclusion: your breast first developed during puberty. That process took about 5 years. Restoring that volume within 6 weeks is therefore neither relevant no would it be healthy if a preparation existed that could do that. Rest assured that it normally requires 6 to 12 months. The "visible" change over time is dependent on the quantity of glandular tissue in the beginning phase. Unfortunately, a flabby D-cup is more quickly "filled" that a A-cup or a B-cup. True enough, about 50% of the increased volume of about 40 to 50% glandular tissue in a D-cup is clearly visible. The same percentage in an A-cup is hardly visible at all. Furthermore, nutrition comes from the inside. Ointments have no effect, which is why we don't offer them.
Sometimes the glandular tissue reacts to soft, expert massage. Use soy oil for this purpose, for example. It is unscented and is even fit for use in cooking. Massage from the armpits towards the front and never pinch the breast during such massage.

We hope that we clearly explained to you how Natural Push Up works and how it should be used, and that you will be just as satisfied with this product as hundreds of thousands of other women have been.

Keep out of reach of children.

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