Pro Collagene Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural (30ml)

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100% Natural, Anti-Wrinkle Gel. Transdermal Marine Collagen. Pro-Collagen may be applied to any area of the face and neck (around the eyes, on the forehead, the outline of the lips, around the mouth, cheeks, chin and neck) as desired. Massage gently during application and, when finished, use a suitable moisturising cream.


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Pro Collagene 
Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural 
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Pro Collagene Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural (30ml) £33.49

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Pro Collagene Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural overview

ro-Collagen - A revolution In Skin Care. Pro-Collagen is a 100% natural, Anti-Wrinkle Gel made from Marine Collagen in its purest form. It is more active and effective than common forms obtained from mammals and cattle. It contains the highest concentration of collagen available in cosmetic preparations, extracted from the skins of fish such as Silver Carp and Deep Sea Salmon which has extraordinary physical and chemical resistance properties. With the Sophisticated extraction process it ensures maximum bio-activity. Pro-Collagen improves water retention for the skin and visibly regenerates and improves quality of skin, Restores and regenerates Collagen fibres, reduces hardening of skin cells and slows the ageing process of skin and visible signs of aging. It has a Beneficial action against acne, helps reduce blemishes and scars and helps smooth pores. It helps reduce and eliminate various fine wrinkles such as crows feet, worry lines, smokers lines, smile lines and frown lines.

Pro Collagene Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural ingredients

Collagen (Salmon origin) 80% Aqua 18% Lactic acid 2% Contains no added preservatives, colours or fragrances.

Nutritional: Contains No preservatives, colours or scents and is free from bacteria, moulds and viruses. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Wheat Free

Pro Collagene Transderman Marine Collagen 100% Natural warnings

Health Warnings: Pro-Collagen is most active when stored below 24 degrees centigrade. It is preferable to keep refrigerated BUT should never be frozen as it contained in glass, which may fracture on freezing.

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