Prewetts Triple Chocolate (8 X 175G)

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Prewett's Health Foods Ltd was established in 2003, with the sole purpose of resurrecting and rebuilding the Prewett's brand and product range. Over the past 30 years the Prewett's name has been owned by several major food companies and sadly, by the turn of the century, had almost disappeared from health food shops and supermarkets. Your can find a selection of our products here. Setting up a dedicated business to concentrate solely on the Prewetts brand, on rebuilding the product range and launching new and innovative health food products was the idea of David Braithwaite, who now runs and is the major shareholder in the new business.


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Triple Chocolate 
(8 X 175G)
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Prewetts Triple Chocolate (8 X 175G) £21.52

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Prewetts Triple Chocolate warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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