Power Health Hemp Oil 300mg (120 caps)

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Hempower Hemp Oil Capsules. Hemp seed oil is the only vegetable oil which contains significant quantities of the essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 (56%), Omega 3 (18%) together with useful quantities of GLA (gamma linolic acid) (2.


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Power Health 
Hemp Oil 300mg 
(120 caps)
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Power Health Hemp Oil 300mg overview

Hempower Hemp Oil Capsules. Hemp seed oil is the only vegetable oil which contains significant quantities of the essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 (56%), Omega 3 (18%) together with useful quantities of GLA (gamma linolic acid) (2.5%). The ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 polunsaturated fatty acids in hemp oil approximates to that recommended in a healthy diet. In fact hemp seed oil contains more than 90% of unsaturated fatty acids. As the body cannot produce essential fatty acids, they must be taken in as part of a healthy diet. These fatty acids maintain cell membranes, transport fats around the body and are needed to make prostoglandins, important hormone-like chemicals.

Further information about Power Health Hemp Oil 300mg

Hemp is the twin of flax, and they share a long history. They are two of the oldest known plants to be grown by humanity. Both were cultivated for their fibre and for the nutrients contained in their seeds.

The fibre from flax was used to make linen. The fibre from hemp was used to make canvas and rope. The oil of both was used as edible oil as paint. The seeds of both provided a rich source of nutrients. The seeds and oils of both twins - flax and hemp - support good health.

Hemp Plants
Hemp is one of the sturdiest plants known to us. It can grow to a height of 10 feet or more in a year, and its roots penetrate equally deep into the ground. Hemp roots draw minerals buried deep in the soil up to the surface. As a result, they enrich the soils on which they grow, and require little fertilizer.

Hemp Seed Oil
Like linseed oil, hemp seed oil was used in paint because it, too, is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) that react with oxygen and then dry in a thin film. The oil covers wood and other materials with an extremely strong coat that protects these materials from wear by wind, water, salt water, and sunlight, and slows down the deterioration of materials exposed to the elements. Hemp seed oil was also used in lamps before electricity was harnessed for producing light.

The history of hemp seed oil in food use is similar to that of flax. The oil was used in food preparation. It had to be obtained fresh and used within a week or two before the invention of special manufacturing methods and refrigeration. Hemp oil is more difficult to make than flax oil because it is much harder on machinery.

But hemp seed oil appears to be one of nature's most perfectly balanced EFA oil. It contains both EFAs in the right proportions for long-term use, and also contains GLA. It is the only vegetable oil with this combination.

Hemp seed is difficult to obtain. It must be imported from China, India, or Europe where it is grown without the use of pesticides, and must be fumigants are volatile, they evaporate. Tests show no detectible residues at the limit of detection, 50 parts per billion. In order to grow hemp under "organic" guidelines, it would have to be grown locally.

In spite of all its virtues and commercial potential, hemp is illegal to grow in North America. Hemp oil is legal. Steamed hemp seeds are legal. Hemp fibre. cloth, and rope are legal. Sproutable seeds are illegal because they could be used to grow hemp, some strains of which contain the drug recrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their leaves and flowers.

Unfortunately, hemp seeds split when they are steamed, resulting in slow oxidation of its oil. Instead of a peroxide value (PV) - a measure of the degree of rancidity of an oil - of 0.1 to 0.5 which is attained in careful pressings, the PV of hemp oil is slightly higher - another good reason for legalizing the seed.

Whilst flax oil is useful for treating degenerative diseases, it is too w3-rich (3 times as much w3 as w6) to be used exclusively in the long term. One can develop w6 deficiency by using only flax oil for too long. While it took me about 2 years to end up with thin, papery-feeling skin that dried out and cracked easily, w6 deficiency could develop in as short a time as 10 to 16 months of exclusive use of flax oil.

Knowing this, I had already begun to look at producing a balanced w6-w3 oil blend. But other matters intervened, and before I finished designing my balanced blend, the fatty acid profile of hemp seed oil arrived in the mail. There was my balanced oil. Nature beat me to it - by a few hundered million years!.

Hemp seed oil can be used over the long to maintain a healthy EFA balance without leading to other EFA deficiency or inbalance. This is because it contains almost 2% GLA, the w6 derivative that is the key active ingredient in evening primrose and borage oils. The samples of hemp seed oil that we tested contained about 57% LA (18:2w6), 19% LNA (18:3w3), and 1.7% GLA (18:3w6). Like the fatty acid profile of all natural oils, that of hemp oil will vary, depending on the strain, location, latitude, and weather conditions of the year the plants were grown.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil produce no "high" in humans or animals. They contain no THC, unless the seeds have been contaminated by bits of leaf material. A good reason for growing hemp seeds locally is that one can then dry, clean, and supervise the process properly to prevent this contamination.

Taste Test
Hemp seed oil tastes like sunflower oil. It is green in color due to its content of magnesium-containing chlorophyll. Most people that sampled hemp oil preferred its taste over the taste of flax oil.

Hemp seed oil is good for all food uses except frying and deep-frying. Like flax oil, its twin, hemp seed oil needs to be refrigerated or frozen to prevent deterioration, and must be shielded from light and oxygen to prevent rancidity.

Power Health Hemp Oil 300mg ingredients


Product Name
Hempower Hemp Oil Capsules

Extra Virgin Hempseed Oil, Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin), D - Alpha Tocopherol Prep. Each capsule contains on average 300mg of Premium Quality Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil comprising, 297mg Hempseed Oil of which typically: Omega 6 fatty acid = 56mg and GLA=8mg. Vitamin E 3mg.

Power Health Hemp Oil 300mg warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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