Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream (30g)

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Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Balm. Regulating and soothing properties.


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Power Health 
Evening Primrose Oil Cream 
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Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream (30g) £3.25

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Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream overview

Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Balm. Regulating and soothing properties

Further information about Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream


The qualities of that now-famous supplement, evening primrose oil, are not just a recent fancy destined to bloom and fade almost as quickly as the flower itself. Not actually a primrose at all, the evening primrose is related to the rose bay willow herb family and is named for the fact that its distinctive bright yellow flowers bloom in the evening, usually lasting for the whole of the following day. Hundreds of years ago, American Indians used the whole plant in poultices to help skin problems and asthma, and made a cough mixture from the roots. And centuries back in Europe, the evening primrose was known as king's cure all, such was people's faith in its various healing abilities. Evening primrose's more recent rediscovery and rise to fame began in 1917 when Unger, a German scientist, found that its seeds contained as much as 15% oil, which was later found to have the benefit of a new fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) - as well as the more usual oleic and linolenic acids.
Not until the 1960's were the health benefits of the oil investigated by British scientists, thanks in particular to biochemists John Williams. Now it is known to be a very rich source of essential fatty acids which the body cannot produce for itself and must obtain from food or supplements especially the rare gamma linolenic acid, which is useful in helping a number of different health problems.

Indeed, GLA helps to build healthy cell membranes in every single cell of the body and also converts in the body to prostaglandin E1 (PGE 1), which has numerous functions including preventing blood clots, inhibiting cholesterol synthesis, inflammation and abnormal cell growth.

GLA has also been found in oats, barley, borage, blackcurrant oil, in small amounts in cows milk, and spirulina.

Interestingly, human breast milk is another rich source, which is one of the reasons why breastfeeding is very important to the health of babies.

Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids belonging to the linoleic acid family and whilst there is no shortage of linoleic acid in foods, there are many things which can prevent it from being converted into GLA, such as a diet rich in saturated fats, cholesterol, trans fatty acids, more than moderate amounts of alcohol, sugar stress hormones, the aging process, lack of zinc, viral infections etc. This is why supplements of EPO can be so helpful.

Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream ingredients

Power Health Ltd

Product Name
Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Balm

Evening primrose oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, carrot oil

Power Health Evening Primrose Oil Cream warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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