Potters Skin Eruptions Mix (150ml)

BIN number: 4381

For the Relief of:
Traditionally used for the symptomatic relief of MILD ECZEMA, PSORIASIS AND OTHER SKIN DISEASES

Sorry, Potters Skin Eruptions Mix (150ml) is not for sale.

Reason: Unobtainable
Suggested alterative: Gillian Mc Keith Fast Formula Horney Goat Weed Complex Caps (30 caps)

Potters Skin Eruptions Mix (150ml) may be available from our Pontefract and Wakefield stores: Pomfret Herbalist or Wakefield Herbalist.

Skin Eruptions Mix 
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Potters Skin Eruptions Mix overview

For the Relief of:
Traditionally used for the symptomatic relief of MILD ECZEMA, PSORIASIS AND OTHER SKIN DISEASES

Further information about Potters Skin Eruptions Mix

Safety: This product has been marketed for over 70 years
Comment: Contains several herbs with a long history of internal use for treating skin problems

Potters Skin Eruptions Mix ingredients

Each 5ml contains Liq. Ext. Blue Flag (1:1 37% alcohol) 0.075ml; Liq. Ext. Burdock Root (1:1 21% alcohol) 0.3ml; Liq. Ext. Yellow Dock (1:1 21% alcohol) 0.45ml; Liq. Ext. Sarsaparilla (1:1 20% alcohol) 0.45ml; Inf. Buchu Conc. BP 1954 0.09ml; Cascara Liq. Ext. BP 0.165ml. Also contains Rectified Spirit, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate, Coriander Oil, Glycerin, Chloroform, Tincture Capsicum, Liquorice Liquid Extract and Water. Each active ingredient is known to herbalists as an ALTERNATIVE, because it influences elimination and cell functioning.

How to use Potters Skin Eruptions Mix

Adults (all ages) - Take one 5ml teaspoonful three times a day. Children over 8: Take one 5ml teaspoonful every twelve hours. Not for children under 8. Important - Complete a 3 week course. If symptoms persist 1-2 months, contact a doctor or herbal practitioner. Not recommended during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before taking this product of you have reacted badly to any of the ingredients. If you miss a dose, take a replacement. Side-effects: None. If you see one tell your doctor or pharmacist. Overdose: If you take far too much, contact a doctor or herbal practitioner.

Potters Skin Eruptions Mix warnings

no sucrose, suitable for diabetics
suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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