Pomegreat Pomegreat and Blueberry (1 Ltr)

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Pomegreat & Blueberry, not only tastes delicious but could also provide an effective and natural way to:


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Pomegreat and Blueberry 
(1 Ltr)
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Pomegreat Pomegreat and Blueberry overview

Pomegreat & Blueberry, not only tastes delicious but could also provide an effective and natural way to:

Further information about Pomegreat Pomegreat and Blueberry

Fight free radicals - Pomegreat & Blueberry includes blueberry juice which is known for the antioxidants which fight cell damage as you age, help to minimise wrinkles and are said to cut the risk of degenerative diseases, as well as heart disease and cancer.

Combat Wrinkles - Scientists have discovered numerous health and anti-ageing benefits from eating specific 'superfoods' such as pomegranates and blueberries. Experts at the Human Nutrition Research Centre in Boston recently ranked blueberries top of a list of 40 fruit and vegetables tested for their ability to neutralise free radicals, the unstable substances that cause cell and DNA damage as we get older. Just one handful of blueberries provides as many antioxidants as five servings of carrots, apples or broccoli.

Slow the ageing process - As rich sources of antioxidant vitamins, fibre and disease fighting chemicals, blueberries and pomegranates have the remarkable ability to not only slow the ageing process, but even reverse it. High levels of vitamin C and E prevent the skin from sagging and can even make existing wrinkles smoother. The nutritional power of both fruit is such that it can change the course of the body's bio-chemistry and prevent cellular damage that can develop into diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Boost brain power - Ongoing experiments are also indicating that blueberries can boost brain-power, improving short term memory loss, concentration and co-ordination. This exciting discovery means a blueberry-enriched diet could help to combat conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Pomegreat Pomegreat and Blueberry ingredients

Pomegreat and Blueberry does not contain:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Salt
  • Soya
  • Sugar
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheat
  • Yeast

Pomegreat Pomegreat and Blueberry warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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