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The KEGELMASTER is a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser designed to make your pelvic floor exercises easy yet incredibly effective.


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Planet Female 
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Planet Female KegelMaster overview

The KEGELMASTER is a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser designed to make your pelvic floor exercises easy yet incredibly effective.

Further information about Planet Female KegelMaster

Progressive resistance is a strength training method to tighten the pelvic floor or kegel muscles. With the KegelMaster it means the stronger the setting the more the muscle works, and as your muscle strengthens you can alter the tension on the KegelMaster for better results. Your pelvic floor adapts to manual pelvic floor exercises, and any exercise which is constant - so we need to be constantly challenged in order to get stronger and change. Stronger pelvic muscles mean your muscles work effectively to:
stop the flow of urine
support your bladder, uterus and rectum
contract during sexual orgasm.
If you can contract your pelvic floor muscles the Kegelmaster will help you get even stronger and regain full control, if you cannot contract your muscles you need to stimulate your muscles back to action - see the Kegel8 and the Kegel8+.
Planet Earth developed Kegelmaster for women who are looking for information, or a more permanent therapeutic solution for the treatment of feminine sexual health related issues.
As women we sometimes feel our needs are often overshadowed by those of men. Like in the case of men are pretty straight forward when it comes to sex. Women on the other hand have much more going on inside our heads and between our legs then men do. Now with the introduction of the Kegelmaster woman will improve sexual response, raise the amount and intensity of orgasm, and significantly improve their sexual experience. Taking a pill or rubbing methanol based creams on our vaginas just isn't an adequate solution. Now with the introduction of the Kegelmaster an effective permanent solution is available.

The Kegelmaster is a vaginal exerciser designed to give long lasting results for woman are unsatisfied or looking to improve their sexual experience. It takes a known exercise, developed by Arnold Kegel, M.D., and refined it to an extremely effective treatment not only for Female Sexual Dysfunction but for incontinence, vaginal dryness and aid in regaining vaginal elasticity.

Our goal is to inform woman and offer information about an effective treatment for feminine sexual related issues. The Kegelmaster is easy to use and much more cost effective than pills, creams and other prescription devices. Unlike creams and suction devices the effects of the Kegelmaster are long lasting and convenient. It is one less thing we have to worry about. No need to apply sticky creams prior to sex. No suction devices that put lovemaking on hold until vaginal wetness is achieved. These products focus on a very narrow portion of of our physical sexual makeup. The Kegelmaster treats and strengthens the physiological structure of the vagina. The Kegelmaster is able to successfully treat where other products and surgery fail.

Thank you for visiting Our goal is to help woman achieve better sex and a more pleasant sexual experience. Please e-mail us with any questions you may have.

How to use Planet Female KegelMaster

As directed on the label

Planet Female KegelMaster warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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