Planet Female Hersolution Gel (60ml)

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is a highly refined blend of botanical essences, vitamins, pure aloe, shea butter and cocoa butter. This uncompromising quality means textures and sensations that journey beyond your imagination.


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Planet Female 
Hersolution Gel 
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Planet Female Hersolution Gel (60ml) £30.00

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Planet Female Hersolution Gel overview

is a highly refined blend of botanical essences, vitamins, pure aloe, shea butter and cocoa butter. This uncompromising quality means textures and sensations that journey beyond your imagination.

Hersolution Gel

Further information about Planet Female Hersolution Gel

HerSolution Gel? isn?t just about getting ?in the mood? ? it?s about creating a confident, sexy, fun and adventurous aura around you and yourself all the time! It?s about finding more passion in each and every aspect of your life. It?s about believing in yourself all the while, and never, ever settling for less.

Just a touch of HerSolution Gel? empowers you to re-discover the deepest depths of your erotic self. Fully enjoy sex now because you want it ? and you want it with the fullest range of excitement and sensation.

When it comes to products for your oh-so intimate areas, the last thing you ever want to do is compromise on quality. That?s why HerSolution Gel? has been carefully hand-crafted specifically for your most intense pleasure, with only the very, very best for your body, health and mind

Here?s what?s in every precious drop of HerSolution Gel?:

The botanical extracts penetrate on contact, and immediately start to increase blood flow by dilating the blood vessels. The effect is just like the rush you feel when you?re kissed deeply by someone you truly desire ? a deliciously warm, tingly and engorged feeling of readiness. Of wanting. Of needing to have sex!

The benefits continue throughout the lovemaking session, as the warm, wet, wild feelings continue and are intensified through touch. You?ll build up and up toward total abandon, with rising feelings of more urgency, more intensity.

And the ultimate payoff ? you reach climax with more power, more force than ever, achieving a kind of full-body satisfaction to rival anything you?ve felt before.

Even if your sex life is ?fine? right now, why not add HerSolution Gel? to power it up to the next, higher level? Imagine that. And think BIG.

Try it today, and see that amazing sex is possible for you ? no matter what your circumstances

■Female Arousal gel
Some women can not be easily aroused, this is a good solution.
■Powerful orgasm
Over 30% of women perform sexual intercourse with their partners without experiencing orgasms, in fact some never even experience it.
■Self masturbation
Having no partner does not deprive you of the right to enjoy sex even if you have to do it yourself.
■Libido enhancement for women
Some women due to age and health issues lose libido, why not bring it back?
■Aid for peri menopause and menopause
Helps you pass through these stages without any fuss.
■Treatment for vaginal dryness
A common female ailment. May be caused by a number of things and thus make sex painful. No more.
■Improvement of sexual desire
Rediscover the fire with which you practice sex as when you were in your teens.

Planet Female Hersolution Gel ingredients

Olive Squalene
Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Aloe Vera Extract
Purified Water
Dipropylene Glycol
Carbopal Ultrez Polymer
Menthol USP
Citric Acid

How to use Planet Female Hersolution Gel

As directed on the label

Planet Female Hersolution Gel warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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