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Pitrok Tofupill overview


Further information about Pitrok Tofupill

Women go through the menopause when the reproductive cycle comes to an end and the ovaries stop producing Estrogen. This is a natural event normally occurring between the ages of 45 to 55. The benefits to women in the menopause of tofu and other soya based foods which contain Phytoestrogen are well known. However, there are over 450 species of soya beans, but only a few of these contain a significant amount of Phytoestrogen.
Tofupill is a food supplement that helps menopausal women in obtaining sufficient Phytoestrogen in their diet. It uses a unique variety of non-genetically modified soybeans, in an entirely natural process, to produce tofu with a high Phytoestrogen content.
There are 56 components that constitute Phytoestrogen - not just Isoflavone. Tofupill contains complete Phytoestrogen in a rich tofu concentrate that is mixed with Flaxseed to improve absorbency of all of these components into the body. With Phytoestrogen obtained only from natural source ingredients Tofupill works with the body and may be used throughout the menopause as part of healthy dietary and lifestyle plan.

The benefits of Tofupill
Contains all 56 components that constitute Phytoestrogen - not just Isoflavone
Special soya beans are used to produce a tofu particularly high in Phytoestrogen
Naturally derived through a gentle process using vegetable enzymes
Produced in a pharmaceutical standard manufacturing plant with GMP and ISO 9002 certificates
Backed by extensive research and development since 1991 and by clinical trials on the product itself
May be taken throughout the menopause
Free from genetically modified ingredients
Suitable for vegans

Pitrok Tofupill ingredients

Each capsule contains:
Tofu 322 mg
Flaxseed 108 mg
Vcaps? (vegetable based capsules - hydoxypropyl methylcellulose)
Each capsule provides 38mg of complete Phytoestrogen

How to use Pitrok Tofupill

Recommended intake: 1-2 capsules per day - taken after meals as part of a healthy dietary and lifestyle plan for women in menopause.
(Suggested: 2 capsules per day the first week and then 1-2 capsules per day)

Pitrok Tofupill warnings

As with any food supplement, if you believe you have a condition requiring medical attention or are taking prescribed drugs consult your doctor before taking Tofupill. Not for use during pregnancy and lactation. Do not exceed the stated dose.

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