Pickles Soothake Toothache Tinture (10ml)

BIN number: 4247

A first aid treatment for the temporary relief of toothache caused by a dental cavity.

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Soothake Toothache Tinture 
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Pickles Soothake Toothache Tinture overview

A first aid treatment for the temporary relief of toothache caused by a dental cavity.

Pickles Soothake Toothache Tinture ingredients


Lignocaine HCI BP (Lidocaine) 0.7%, Clove Oil BP 10%, Ethanol.

How to use Pickles Soothake Toothache Tinture


Open the packet and take out the bottle and one cotton bud. Take off the cap and dip the cotton bud into the liquid. Replace the cap. Press the cotton bud soaked in tincture into the dental cavity in the aching tooth until the pain eases. You may find using a mirror will help. Use a fresh bud for each treatment and throw the cotton bud away when both ends are used. Do not re-use the bud.

Pickles Soothake Toothache Tinture warnings

Drug Interaction Precautions

Do not use if you are known to be sensitive to any of the ingredients above. Avoid excessive contact with the gums or lips (may cause ulceration). Consult a doctor or dentist as soon as possible. Hypersensitivity reactions to any of the ingredients have been reported rarely. If you experience any unwanted or adverse effects consult a doctor or pharmacist.


Keep all medicines safely away from children. Do not use this medicine after the 'Use by' date shown on the packing. This product is inflammable.

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