Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg (90 tabs)

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Chlorella 500mg

Sorry, Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg (90 tabs) is not for sale.

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Suggested alterative: Synergy SYNERGY 100% ORGANIC CHLORELLA 200 TAB^ (200)

Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg (90 tabs) may be available from our Wakefield store: Wakefield Herbalist.

Optimum Source 
Chlorella 500mg 
(90 tabs)
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Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg overview

Chlorella 500mg

Chlorella 500mg

Further information about Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg

This product is highly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Optimum source chlorella tablets.
Chlorella is a natural source of concentrated nutrition. It has the highest known concentration of chlorophyll and nucleic acids (RNA/DNA). Taken as a 'food state' supplement it can contribute valuable levels of beta carotene (Pro Vitamin A), Iron and vitamin B12. Extremely popular in Japan, health officials there have termed it a 'functional food'.
Optimum source chlorella is 100% pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, (Micro-Algae), and is carefully cultivated to retain the highest nutritional values. Nothing is added or taken away. The cell wall is broken down to aid digestibility. It contains no gluten, yeast, lactose, soy, corn, preservatives or binders.

Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg ingredients

Typical analysis per 6 tablets (3g) -
Suggested daily intake:
Energy: 61.5kJ/12.3 kcal, Protein: 2.19g, Carbohydrate: 0.34g, Fat: 0.26g of which saturates: 0.05g, Polyunsaturates: 0.21g, Vitamin A: (1655i.u) 500?g (from Beta Carotene: 3000?g) *63%. Riboflavin B2) 0.2mg *13%, Vitamin B12: 4.0ug *400%. Iron: 8.0mg *57%. Zinc: 2.2mg *14%. Iodine: 18.0ug *12%. Choline: 8.1 mg. Inositol: 5.7 mg, Chlorophyll: 90mg. RNA: 88.5mg, DNA: 8.31mg.
*% Recommended daily allowance.

How to use Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg

Daily suggested intake:
To commence, take 2 tablets daily and increase gradually to 6 daily. Take either in one go or 2 tablets 3 times daily prior to meals.

Optimum Source Chlorella 500mg warnings

Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

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