OK Famously Fit Shape (60 caps)

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High strength formula for reducing body fat. Get the celebrity look, with OK! Famously Fit and Shape. Shape contains a unique blend of ingredients including chitosan, chromium and L-carnitine which have been shown to help in the reduction of body weight. For best results use with other OK! famously fit products.


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OK Famously Fit 
(60 caps)
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OK Famously Fit Shape overview

Product Description

This revolutionary high-strength formula for reducing body fat is a must-have for anyone who wants to shed some weight. Get the celebrity look with OK! FamouslyFit Shape slimming capsules. Shape contains a unique blend of ingredients including chitosan, chromium and L-carnitine that help in the reduction of body weight. The key ingredients in Shape reduce the amount of fat your body stores after ingesting food and also boosts your metabolism. Chitosan prevents fat molecules from being absorbed into your body, so you can enjoy your favourite foods without the guilt. Chromium balances your blood sugar to finally put an end to cravings and ensure you stay on your weight loos wagon. L-carnitine helps your body more efficiently break down fat molecules for a slimmer figure and more energy. Anyone can use Shape in their daily routine to look great and feel even better.

OK! Magazine announces the second release from OK! FamouslyFit--a range of diet supplements formulated to help women lose fat and target cellulite. Manufactured exclusively for OK! FamouslyFit by leading brand Bio-Synergy, famous for creating Skinny Water, the range includes three key products--Shape, the weight loss aid; Tone, the toning agent; and Sculpt, the cellulite-busting capsules. OK! Famously fit Shape capsules are the perfect new addition to your weight loss regime. Shape capsules contain the vitamin L-carnitine which plays a big role in fat and energy metabolism, helping the body to burn fat and shift those stubborn pounds. The capsules also contain chromium, which improves the body's use of insulin to decrease fat deposition. When taken twice a day, you can start to see results in under one month. The capsules also help to reduce hunger and sugar cravings.

Earlier this year, OK! FamouslyFit released a range of home fitness equipment, manufactured by the renowned fitness brand, York Fitness. The range includes everything necessary to tone and hone at home--gym balls, toning tubes, a foam roller and a tone dome. The range also offers a cooling t-shirt, powered by Physicool’s unique cooling technology, with an accompanying cooling spray. The OK! FamouslyFit brand has been created in association with Steps star Lee Latchford Evans and his partner Kerry-Lucy Taylor. As well as being co-founder of, Lee is a fully qualified personal trainer. Kerry-Lucy, an up and coming singer songwriter, is training to be a black belt kick boxer and fully qualified instructor.


Active ingredients in this product can help with fat metabolism


Choline, Betaine, Methionine, Chitosan, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (Capsule Shell), Inositol, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Magnesium Stearate, Chromium Picolinate


2 Capsules per day taken with food

Safety Warning

Do not exceed stated dose

OK Famously Fit Shape warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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