Nytol Nytol Herbal (28s)

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Nytol herbal Nytol night time herbal sleep aid


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Nytol Herbal 
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Nytol Nytol Herbal overview

Nytol herbal Nytol night time herbal sleep aid

Further information about Nytol Nytol Herbal

Hops are sedative and hypnoti. Dogwood jamaica is sedative and analgesic. Wild Lettuce is mildly sedative, analgesic and induces sleep. Passiflora is sedative and induces sleep with spasm breaking and analgesic action. Pulsatilla is sedative, analgesic, bactericidal and breaks spasms.
A traditional herbal remedy to promote calmness and natural sleep.

Nytol Nytol Herbal ingredients

Each tablet contains: Hops 30 mg; Dogwood Jamaica 90 mg; Dry extract wild lettuce 5 = 1 54 mg; Dry Extract Passiflora 5 = 1 36 mg; Dry extract pulsatilla 3 = 1 15 mg. Also contains Sucrose, Lactose, Pre-gelatinised starch, Acacia, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Ethyl Cellulose.

How to use Nytol Nytol Herbal

Adults (all ages) take two tablets at bedtime.

Nytol Nytol Herbal warnings

Interactions with other medicines: None known.

Overdose: No cases known. Users may become over-sedated. Keep medicines away from children.
Ask your doctor before taking this product if you have reacted badly to any of the ingredients. Not recommended in early pregnancy and when breastfeeding, If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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