Natures Aid Feverfew 200mg Extract Tanacetum Parthenium (30 tabs)

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Natures Aid 
Feverfew 200mg Extract Tanacetum Parthenium 
(30 tabs)
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Natures Aid Feverfew 200mg Extract Tanacetum Parthenium (30 tabs) £3.22

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Natures Aid Feverfew 200mg Extract Tanacetum Parthenium overview

Product Description

Feverfew is a member of the Compositae or Daisy family and is sometimes known as Tanacetum parthenium or Chrysanthemum parthenium and is often referred to as the “big chamomile”.  The plant itself was known to the Egyptians and Greeks and was valued by them for several conditions.  The popularity of this herb has in recent years received a boost because of clinical trials which have
shown it to be helpful to sufferers of migraine headaches, and is supported by the British (See MD about health Problems) Association.

The Benefits of Feverfew
(See MD about health Problems) - it helps to open up the constricted blood vessels in the brain which causes the pain in the majority of migraine sufferers.

Circulation - it has been shown to inhibit excessive blood clotting.
Anti-inflammatory - has been used against swellings and to reduce the pain caused by inflammation
in arthritis.
Muscle relaxant - has been used to relax the uterine smooth muscles thus promoting menstrual flow.
Digestion - as a bitter herb it has been useful in stimulating digestion and improving liver function.

Sesquiterpene lactones - these include parthenolide (the most pharmacologically active) chrysanthemonin, chrysartemin A and B and santamarin.  Parthenolide in particular has been shown
in research to inhibit prostaglandin production which results in the reduction of inflammation, decreased histamine secretion, decreased activation of inflammatory cells and fever reduction (hence
the name).  The inhibition of prostaglandins and decreased histamine secretion is probably the reason why feverfew is beneficial to many migraine sufferers because this will reduce the spasms of the
blood vessels that are believed to cause the pain.

Natures Aid Feverfew 200mg Extract Tanacetum Parthenium warnings

Do not use if seal is broken.
Keep out of reach of children.

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