Maximuscle Thermovate (90 caps)

BIN number: 3224

Advanced fat shifting formula using Gymnema and L-Carnitine


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(90 caps)
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Maximuscle Thermovate overview

Advanced fat shifting formula using Gymnema and L-Carnitine

Further information about Maximuscle Thermovate

Thermovate is an effective fat burner for sports persons wishing to lose fat, without taking the strong stimulant versions. L-Carnitine will increase your stamina and energy by increasing the amount of fat that is broken down and transported to the muscle, where it can then be burned as fuel.
This means that when you drop your calories, you've still got the energy to keep the training intensity high, ensuring you stay on track to reaching your bodyfat goals. Only the finest and most potent dosages have been used of L-Carnitine for unbeatable results.
Eating too many simple carbs, results in increased blood sugar levels, which triggers off insulin release. Insulin's main job is to then store this extra sugar in the blood as fat. By including in thermovate, potent amounts of chromium picolinate and gymnema sylvestre, you can stop or dramatically reduce this process, with the result of not having to monitor every bit of food you eat, whilst still staying on track to lose excess fat.
Stacks great with Thermobol for amazing fat burning effects and with Promax for great results
Thermovate and your sport...
Thermovate will get you in shape fast, without using stimulants.
If you need a fat-burner.
If you need a fat-burner.
For increased power and strength.
Great for making a weight class without the pain.

Maximuscle Thermovate ingredients

INGREDIENTS: per 3 Vegicaps:
L- Carnitine (as Citrate) 1950mg
Gymnema Sylvestre (7:1 extract) 400mg
Bioperine 2mg
Forskolin (4:1) 1mg
Chromium Picolinate 600mcg
Zhi-Qian He et al. Bodyweight reduction by a combination of measures including using l-carnitine. Acta Nutrimenta Sinia 1997
Colgan M, Optimum sports nutrition, 1993 New York: Advanced Research Press pp313-321
Shimizu et al. Suppression of glucose absorption by some fractions extracted from Gymnema Sylvestre leaves. J Vet Med Sci 1997 Apr; 59(4):245-51

How to use Maximuscle Thermovate

Take 3 a day split throughout the day. Take with water.

Maximuscle Thermovate warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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