Maximuscle Sugar Block (60ml)

BIN number: 3228

Spray for reducing sugar intake and regulating insulin

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Sugar Block 
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Maximuscle Sugar Block overview

Spray for reducing sugar intake and regulating insulin

Further information about Maximuscle Sugar Block

This exciting and unique first is destined to become your pocket 'will power booster'. Sugar Block is a patent pending herbal formula, which will knock out all sweet sensations for nearly 2-3 hours. This means that within 30 seconds of using Sugar Block, all sweet products, such as cola, chocolate, sweets, cakes, etc... will taste no better than wet bread.
The result is a guaranteed instant dislike to your normal sweet 'craving' foods. Not only does this help you stick to your diet and hence keep you in your best shape, but Sugar Block reduces the amount of simple carbohydrates that are absorbed, helping to keep your blood sugar levels regulated. This means insulin stays at sensible levels, resulting in little if not zero fat storage.
Stacks well with Thermobol & Thermovate for greater effect.
Sugar Block and your sport...
Helps stop those "sugar-cravings"
Helps stop those "sugar-cravings"
Helps stop those "sugar-cravings"
Helps stop those "sugar-cravings"
Helps stop those "sugar-cravings"

Maximuscle Sugar Block ingredients

Each 0.5cc, (5 pumps) contains a Patented Herbal formula based on: Gymnema Extract - 12.5mg in a base of water, glycerine, malic acid, citric acid, natural & artificial flavours.

Sugar Block does not contain:

  • Sugar

How to use Maximuscle Sugar Block

Serving size (0.5cc) 5 pumps.
Spray 1 serving into mouth & wait 30 seconds. Use whenever sugar cravings are felt.
Please Note: If you feel faint or dizzy using this product, consume a carbohydrate or sports drink asap.

Maximuscle Sugar Block warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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