Maximuscle HMB 1000 (60 caps)

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Recovery, strength and growth formula


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HMB 1000 
(60 caps)
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Maximuscle HMB 1000 (60 caps) £33.98

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Maximuscle HMB 1000 overview

Recovery, strength and growth formula

Further information about Maximuscle HMB 1000

HMB Plus-500 is the strongest HMB product on the market. With a massive 500mg per capsule, there is no stronger, purer or more effective version of HMB.
HMB Plus-500 contains not one but two types of HMB. The first is the standard Calcium-Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methyl Butrate and the second is the new and latest tweaked HMB-2. By using a slightly different drying agent HMB-2 has been shown to work even better at increasing recovery, stopping the loss of hard earned muscle tissue and even increasing endurance and stamina. HMB-2 is an awesome product and exclusive to Maximuscle, you won't find a stronger or more effective HMB formula on the market. In the past HMB has always been expensive and a hassle, with only 250mg capsules available. Due to Maximuscle's buying power, we are able to buy large quantities and pass the savings on to you.
HMB Plus-500 contains 250mg of HMB and 250mg of HMB2. We've also included an amazing product called KIC (Alpha-Ketoisocaproate). Research shows KIC is a superb Anti-Catabolic in its own right and works superbly when stacked with HMB. Many top researchers & Doctors, including Dr Michael Colgan, support KIC for great muscle and strength increases. HMB is a strong Anti-Catabolic and is excellent at increasing strength and power, without bulking up. HMB is superb at preserving muscle tissue when dieting down for contests or weight classes. HMB's superb sports enhancing effects are backed up by numerous clinical and medical studies supporting its impressive claims. Maximuscles' HMB Plus-500 is the strongest and number one selling HMB you can buy anywhere - Guaranteed!
Works great when stacked with PS/CLA Complex or Acetyl-glutamine for added strength and power
HMB Plus-500 and your sport...
HMB Plus-500 is superb product for increasing strength whilst building quality lean muscle. Great at preventing muscle loss whilst dieting.
Excellent at improving strength, power to weight ratio and recovery. HMB Plus-500 is a proven supplement in this area.
Excellent at improving strength, power to weight ratio and recovery. HMB Plus-500 is a proven supplement in this area.
Excellent to help cope with injuries, increasing power, performance and recovery.
Excellent to help cope with injuries, increasing power, performance and recovery.

Maximuscle HMB 1000 ingredients

INGREDIENTS: per Vegicap
HMB-1 (99.7% pure Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methyl-Butrate) 250mg
HMB-2 (Exclusive 2nd Generation version) 250mg
KIC (Alpha-Ketoisocaproic Acid) 100mg
D-Potassium Phosphate 50mg
Nissen S, et al. Effect of leucine metabolite beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate on muscle metabolism during resistance-exercise training. J Appl Physiol 1996 Nov;81(5):2095-104
Mitch WE, et al. Nitrogen sparing induced by leucine compared with that induced by its keto analogue, alpha-ketoisocaproate, in fasting obese man. J Clin Invest. 1981 Feb;67(2):553-62.

How to use Maximuscle HMB 1000

Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily with meals.

Maximuscle HMB 1000 warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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