Lo Salt Lo Salt (350g)

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LoSalt is the UK's leading low sodium salt alternative.

It contains 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts but has all the same salty flavour.

LoSalt is also a good source of natural potassium, a mineral vital for basic body function.


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Lo Salt 
Lo Salt 
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Lo Salt Lo Salt overview

‘Trendy' salts shown to be no healthier

Is salt sense starting to prevail? Consumer groups are now becoming more vocal in arguing against the common conception that rock and sea salts are healthier than regular salts.

This, they say, is not true - they are no different from regular table salts.

Research from Which? and salt campaigning group CASH (Consensus Action on Salt Health) analysed the chemical content of several gourmet brands of sea and rock salt, and compared this with ordinary table salt.

These salts contain almost 100% sodium chloride and so are equally damaging to heart health.

The report said that brands claiming these salts are more natural and contain essential minerals only confuse the public. As a result, one in three respondents of Which?'s online survey admitted thinking that rock and sea salts were healthier than table salt.

The level of minerals in these salts is relatively small and any benefit from them is far outweighed by negative impact of the salt's 100% sodium chloride content.

These salts have been popularised by TV chefs sprinkling it liberally on their dishes, something which is deemed "disgraceful" by Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of CASH.

"This has the added danger that," he added, "as the crystal sizes are much larger and don't taste as salty, more salt is consumed."

One way for consumers to reduce the amount of sodium chloride in their food and still get the same salty flavour, is to use LoSalt, which contains two-thirds less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts.

Lo Salt Lo Salt warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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