Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder Organic (30G)

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Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea 30 Servings:
Top class matcha for use in iced beverages and ceremonial teas. Smoother in flavour and mellower than Japanese matcha due to a higher content of L-theanine found in the youngest sweetest leaves. This leads to a mellower, more calming boost and is good for concentration and focus. A perfect balance for those wanting the best at a great price.


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Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder Organic 
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Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder Organic (30G) £22.95

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Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder Organic overview

Gives all the benefits of Japanese matcha - but the higher theanine content means its more calming and focussing as well as being better for psychological cravings. Too mild for use in cooking.
Store in a cool dry place away from strong smells and consume within 3 months of purchase for best results
** From beginner to veteran:
Some or most of you may be new to matcha and may be wondering just how the various grades differ and which is good for what purpose. Also you may be wondering about the accessories and what is necessary and what isn’t.
Matcha is really easy to start working with and though it has its roots in the highly formal Tea Ceremony, there is no need to feel daunted by 800 years of tradition. Matcha is there to be enjoyed in whatever way you choose. There are no rules or limits to what you can do with it so experiment until you find your favourite ways of preparing it.
** Grades:
Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea tinned is suitable for drinking matcha as a straight tea. The higher the price the more of the youngest sweetest leaves have been included in the blending process. This means it will have a smoother mellower and sweeter taste than the lower grades. It also means a higher concentration of L-theanine, the amazing element of tea that destresses and focuses without making you drowsy. Its also excellent for battling psychological cravings like chocolate or cigarettes.
The ingredient grades are full of antioxidants and energy boosting, but will not taste as smooth nor have quite the same mellow effect of our tinned teas. Our matcha latte mix is wonderful for those with a sweet tooth as it has a taste redolent of hot chocolate –sweet, creamy and indulgent. Its a wonderful choice for those who love lattes but know they should quit coffee.
** For the complete Beginner:
All the grades are excellent for energy boosting, detoxing and other health benefits. The Premium grade of tinned tea is for those who want the best tasting and most calming results, as well as those who may want to try matcha to help battle strong cravings . For those who wish to try and economise we recommend the Japanese matcha. For those who want a balance between price and power we recommend the ceremonial matcha. If you plan to add matcha to juices or smoothies only our ingredient grades are an excellent choice while the latte mix is wonderful for those who want something quick, easy and sweet.
** For the Initiated:
If you have already encountered matcha, why not experiment with the different grades and see how you experience them in terms of taste and health benefits. Many of our customers report big differences in terms of effect between the grades. If one type of matcha hasn’t the effect you were looking for, try moving up or down a grade, and try varying the amount used, or the frequency with which you consume it.
** Cooking:
It is recommend using only the ingredient matchas as they hold flavour better during the cooking process than the more delicate ceremonial teas. The Organic Ingredient is a higher grade of matcha compared to the regular ingredient matcha. These also lend themselves very well to beverages such as smoothies, shakes, juices and lattes.
** Ceremonial Teas:
Basically if it doesn’t come from a tin, don’t try and make usucha with it. If you want koicha, try our premium blend. You will most definitely need a bamboo whisk if you want the wonderful foamy effect of a great usucha, though you can get away without it by mixing the 1/2 tsp of matcha with 1tsp of water to make a smooth paste and then dilute further from there. We do think that if you are going to try this way of tea, the right accessories will add so much to your experience.
** Matcha versus Coffee and Tea:
• Matcha has over 10 times the nutrients of steeped green, black, white, rooibos and mate tea
• 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.
• Matcha theophyllines provide an energy boost 3-6 times longer than coffee without the negative side effects
• Calms the nervous system while simultaneously giving an energy boost.
• Matcha is almost pH neutral, coffee is acidic leading to digestive problems.
• Matcha allows you to control your cravings, coffee makes you hungry.
• Matcha lowers xxxxxxx and cholestorol levels, coffee raises them.
** Matchas Practical Benefits:
• Gives an energy boost for 3-6 hours with no caffeine crash, just a soft come-down
• Theanines calm the nervous system aiding focus
• Almost zero calories and boosts metabolism to help weight loss
• Stimulates anti-biotic and anti-viral activity
• Stabilizes blood sugar and glucose levels to control appetite.
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Can be consumed in the evening without affecting sleep.
Ingredients of Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Tea:
100% organic powdered green tea leaves
Hi grade matcha tea to be drunk in tea ceremony style or mixed into beverages. High levels of L-Theanine and benefits best enjoued by those already following a healthy diet.
Preparation of Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Tea:
Whisk 1/2 teaspoon of matcha with 60ml of water cold or hot 80 degree. Dilute further with water, milk or juice as desired. Add sweetner if required. Do not mix with boiling water.

Koyu Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder Organic warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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