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Further information about Isla-Mint Isla-Mint

Dry cough, hoarseness, bronchial catarrh and as supportive treatment of bronchial asthma. In the event of severe strain on the vocal cords (singers, teachers and speakers). Dessication of the mucosae caused by dry room air or insufficiently humidified offices during the heating period, or in the case of restricted nasal respiration; sporting activities.

Herbal medicines for dry cough, bronchial catarrh and hoarseness
- in two various tastes -
Isla-Moos?: pleasantly mild or
Isla-Mint?: agreeably fresh with natural peppermint oil and sugar substitutes (kind to the teeth).

The action of Isla-Moos / Isla-Mint is based on the content of mucins and amaroids contained in the lichen Iceland Moss. They protect and regenerate the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract.
Isla-Moos? Herbal Lozenges
Active ingredient: Iceland Moss Extract

Isla-Mint? Herbal Lozenges
Active ingredient: Iceland Moss Extract Isla-Moos / Isla-Mint Herbal Lozenges are suitable as a prophylaxis and as treatment of an impaired voice and are ideal for acting against dry cough arising from sporting activities.

The lozenges are free from side effects and interactions and are therefore suitable to be used for long-term therapy by the whole family.

Isla-Mint Isla-Mint ingredients

Isla-Moos? Herbal Lozenges: 1 lozenge contains 80 mg of aqueous extract of Iceland Moss (0.4-0.8:1).
1 lozenge contains 424 mg of Saccharose (0.035 BU).
Isla-Mint? Herbal Lozenges: 1 lozenge contains 100 mg of Iceland Moss Extract; 0.385 g of carbohydrates = 0.03 BU.

How to use Isla-Mint Isla-Mint

Dosage guidelines and method of use:
Allow 1-2 lozenges to dissolve slowly in the mouth, several times daily.
In the interest of long-term success of treatment, it is advised to continue treatment for a further few days, even after the symptoms have subsided. In the event of longer-term, persisting illnesses which are not affected by treatment, a doctor should be consulted.

Isla-Mint Isla-Mint warnings

Isla-Mint? Herbal Lozenges: in the presence of F?lling's syndrome (hereditary metabolic disease), it should be taken note of that the product contains the sweetener Aspartame. In the event of fructose intolerance, treatment should only carried out after consultation with the doctor.

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