Hubner Original Sillicea Beauty Gel (200ML)

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Nature has an inexhaustable range of products on offer that promote your health, well-being, and beauty. View our range of products here. One of these natural talents is silica. This trace element is found in plants and animals wherever there is a need for elasticity, flexibility, and structural strength. This can also be beneficial to humans. As silicic acid and in microdispersed form it has a wide variety of capabilities that benefit the human body. This is the secret of the World of Silicea!


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Original Sillicea Beauty Gel 
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Hubner Original Sillicea Beauty Gel overview

Original silicea Gel

A natural talent for skin, hair, and fingernails

Man’s quest for eternal youth is as old as time. Day after day, life leaves its marks on our body. This is why it is important to counteract the ageing process. By means of treatment from within. For more than one hundred years we have known about the regenerative effect of the natural substance silicic acid, which is contained in our Original silicea Gel in microdispersion without chemical additives such as preservatives or colorants. Therefore, you should take it daily, ideally as a 3-month treatment in spring and autumn.

Skin Health Benefits

  • Hydrates the tissue
  • Binding of water leads to firm skin which is smoother and looks younger
  • Transport of nutrients to the skin’s cells
  • Supports formation of connective tissue fibers, collagen and elastin

What is the role of silica in the skin?

Nail Health Benefits

  • Strengthens nails
  • Good supply of nutrients to the nails
  • 5 to 6 months is needed to see the positive influence of silica on nail growth and strength


Hair Health Benefits

  • Supports healthy, strong, shiny hair
  • Good supply of nutrients for the hair down to the roots
  • Improves the stability, structure, and appearance of the hair
  • Lack of silicon leads to dry, dull, fragile and brittle hair

The Hair Sensation from Germany
New study (2006) confirms: 13% thicker hair after 6-month treatment with Original silicea Gel

Summary of study results:

Clinic and Outpatient Clinic for Dermatology and Venereology, 01/2006
Number of test persons:
55 women with thin hair (< 100 μm)
Treatment period:
6 months
Application dosage:
1 measuring spoon containing 15 ml Original silicea Gel daily
microscopic determination of hair thickness (mean of 60 hairs/sample)

Hubner Original Sillicea Beauty Gel warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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