Hubner Hubner Vital F Iron 250ml (50ML)

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Hubner Vital F Iron 250ml 
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Hubner Hubner Vital F Iron 250ml (50ML) £8.68

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Hubner Hubner Vital F Iron 250ml overview

Hubner - Iron Vital F

IronVITAL® F helps fulfil your daily requirement for iron and contains iron inGluconate form. This is absorbed readily by the body, especially when taken incombination with vitamin C. The B vitamins contained in IronVITAL® F support theeffects of iron.
Iron provides vital energyThis trace element is primarily responsible for the function of red blood cells and vital for the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Without iron, the cells and organs are not sufficiently supplied with oxygen, theaccelerant for energy metabolism and vital energy.
IronVITAL® F offers people with an increased iron requirement a means ofreplenishing their body's iron deposits. It contains the trace element iron in Gluconate form, which is easily absorbed by the body.
Iron Vital F is especially suitable for women (including expectant and nursing mothers), men, growing children and persons whose diet is lacking in natural iron and vitamins. No preservatives, colourings or flavourings - Suitable for vegetarians and is alcohol free.

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