Healthilife Starflower Oil 500mg (30 caps)

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Starflower Oil 500mg 30's

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Starflower Oil 500mg 
(30 caps)
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Starflower Oil 500mg 30's

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A Balancing Act!

The Evening Primrose Oil Range which has the botanical name of Oenothera Biennis can be traced back over 70,000 years to Mexico and Central America. American Indians are supposed to have used the Evening Primrose plant for hundreds of years because of its healthcare properties.

During the early part of the 20th Century, scientists began to examine the seeds of the plant and found they could extract a polyunsaturated oil which proved a rich source of important Fatty Acids.

Fatty Acids are as important in the body as vitamins, minerals or proteins. They are an essential part of nutrition and are involved in all kinds of vital functions within the body.

An essential fatty acid called Linoleic Acid found in dairy products, organ meats, human milk and vegetable seeds oils is converted into Gamma Linolenic Acid, GLA, within the body. However this conversion can be inefficient or may be slowed down by other factors such as:

Foods rich in saturated fats
Foods rich in cholesterol
Alcohol in moderate to large amounts
Too Much sugar
Stress hormones, such as adrenalin
Zinc deficiency
A Number of other conditions

When the conversion is inefficient in a dietary intake of GLA may help supplement the short fall. Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil are particulary rich in GLA and allow people to help maintain dietary intake.
What role does GLA play in the body?

GLA is a vital link in the metabolic chain by which we make prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances involved in many different body functions such as xxxxxxx, blood clotting and the maintenance of hormone balance. Many women take this supplement prior to menstruation to help ensure a GLA intake during the days leading up to their periods.
Prostaglandins play a major role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and are involved with regulating cholesterol levels within the body.

GLA is also involved in the control and regulation of cell growth within the body and may help to maintain healthy skin.

Healthilife Starflower Oil 500mg warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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