Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg (30 caps)

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Artichoke Extract 500mg

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Artichoke Extract 500mg 
(30 caps)
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Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg overview

Artichoke Extract 500mg

Further information about Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg


The Globe Artichoke takes its name (Cynara scolymus) from the Latin canina (or canine) because the spines on its fruit were believed to look like a dog?s tooth.

It is a perennial plant. The flower heads, picked before maturity are the dinner time vegetable fare.


The Greeks cultivated Artichoke as a garden herb, introducing it as a delicacy from its native home of North Africa.

Dioscoride (1st Century AD) recommended applying the masted roots to the armpit or elsewhere on the body, to sweeten offensive odours.


Extracts of globe artichoke leaves contain substances that may help to maintain a healthy digestive system and healthy liver.

Over the years, various studies worldwide have also shown that people?s blood cholesterol levels dropped after eating artichoke.


Whilst Artichoke?s fleshy fruits are eaten as a delicacy, it is the leaves that are now known to be the richest source of cynarin - the active ingredient responsible for the herbs healthcare benefits.

One key action of Artichoke is the stimulation of digestive secretions, especially bile. This makes artichoke useful for the treatment of gallbladder problems, nausea, indigestion5 and abdominal distension2, with the added benefit that it lowers blood cholesterol levels1,3.




500mg Artichoke Extract.
Limited Competitor Activity.
High quality, colour-coded packaging with Child Resistant Closure for safety at home.
Excellent value for money:

RSP? Per Tablet/Capsule
Lichtwer Pharma Cynara 30?s?9.9533.1p
Healthilife 30?s?3.9913.3pExcellent value!


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Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg ingredients

Ingredients :- Artichoke extract, capsule shell (gelatin, water), rice flour, magnesium stearate, stearic acid.

How to use Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg

Directions:- Take one to two capsules daily with food as a food supplement. This product is not recommended during pregnancy.

Healthilife Artichoke Extract 500mg warnings

Keep out of sight and reach of children.

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