Health Aid Prostavital (30 caps)

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A specially selected combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help to safeguard the health of the Prostate Gland. Specially formulated and carefully balanced to provide an original combination of Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pygeum & Pumpkin Seed Oil for the maintenance of a healthy prostate. Enriched with Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids for maximum effect. Optimum care for men.


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Health Aid 
(30 caps)
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Health Aid Prostavital overview

A specially selected combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help to safeguard the health of the Prostate Gland.

Who are Prostavital® capsules for?
Prostavital® capsules may be of benefit to;

  • Men who want to provide nutritional support for their prostate
  • Men who wish to nourish their reproductive system
  • Men who have difficulties urinating
Each capsule contains (average): %RDA Each capsule contains (average): %RDA
Vitamin E 60mg 600 Vitamin C 120mg 200
Vitamin B6 10mg 500 Magnesium 100mg 33
Zinc 25mg 167 Chromium 50µg *
Copper 500µg * Selenium 50µg *
Lycopene 3mg * L-Alanine 50mg *
L-Glutamic Acid 200mg * Wheatgerm Oil 90mg *
Pumpkin Seed Oil 200mg * Lecithin 100mg *
Stinging Nettle 5:1 Extract (Ultra Diocia Root) 10mg * Saw Palmetto Berries 12:1 Extract (Serona repens berries) 30mg *
Pygeum Africanum bark (Standardised extract; min 2% sterols) 5mg *
RDA:  EC Recommended Daily Allowance *:  RDA Not Yet Established

Recommended Daily Intake

One capsule daily after food.  Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Further information about Health Aid Prostavital

A specially selected combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help to safeguard the health of the Prostate Gland.
ProstaVital is specially formulated for man to help safeguard intake from the diet of nutrients important to the prostate.

Added to the formulation are herbs Saw Palmetto ( Serona Repens ), Stinging nettle and Pygeum Africanium renowned world-wide by master herbalist.

Includes Vitamins E, C, B6, Magnesium and Zinc, plus nourishing Pumpkin Seed, Safflower and Wheatgerm Oils. Also contains herbal helpers Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Nettle. A very comprehensive dietary supplement providing good support for the Prostate, as well as for general all-round health.

Health Aid Prostavital ingredients

Capsule shell ( Glycerol, Gelatine; Natural colouring agent: F D & C red no.10, F D & C blue no.1, F D & C yellow no.6,Titanium dioxide), Safflower seed oil, L-Glutamic acid, Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid), Magnesium ( Magnesium oxide ), Lecithin unbleached, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin E ( dl-alphatocopherol acetate ), L-Alanine, Wax mixture, Saw palmetto berries extract, Zinc (Zinc oxide ), Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine hydrochloride ), Stinging nettle root extract, Pygeum Africanum, Boron ( Boron citrate ), Pumpkin seed extract, Copper (Copper sulphate ), Chromium amino acid chelate, Selenium yeast.
Each capsule contains (Average ) % RDA

Vitamin E 60.0 mg 600

Vitamin C 120.0 mg 200

Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine ) 10.0 mg 500

Magnesium 150.0 mg 33

Zinc 25.0 mg 167

Also provides :

Chromium 50.0 ug *

Copper 500.0 ug *

Selenium 50.0 ug *

1 of 3

L - Alanine 50.0 mg *

L - Glutamic acid 200.0 mg *

Boron 3.00 mg *

Wheat germ oil ( cold pressed ) 90.0 mg *

Safflower seed oil ( " ) 200.0 mg *

Pumpkin seed ( 30:1 ) ext. 1.250 mg *

Stinging nettle root( 5:1 ) ext. 10.0 mg *

Saw palmetto berry ( 12:1 ) ext. 30.0 mg *

Lycopene 0.500 mg *

Lecithin ( unbleached ) 100.0 mg *

RDA - EC recommended daily allowance

* - EC RDA not yet established

Free from artificial flavouring and preservatives.

How to use Health Aid Prostavital

One capsule daily with breakfast.

Health Aid Prostavital warnings

Keep out of reach and sight of children, store in cool dry place.

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