Haliborange Vitamin C Effervescents Orange (20 tabs)

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Your child’s nutritional needs change as they grow, so being aware of this can help you to keep them healthy. View or buy from our range of Haliborange products here. That’s why we’ve designed our website to help you discover more about your child’s health and vitality – so you can get the most out of our products. Haliborange. Let kids shine.


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Vitamin C Effervescents Orange 
(20 tabs)
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Haliborange Vitamin C Effervescents Orange (20 tabs) £4.19

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Haliborange Vitamin C Effervescents Orange overview

C for Yourself

Further information about Haliborange Vitamin C Effervescents Orange

Vitamin C is a particularly fragile vitamin which is easily destroyed by light, heat, sunlight and storage. And because the body cannot store it for any length of time it is needed on a daily basis. People of all ages ? men, women and children ? need Vitamin C.
Haliborange Vitamin C is an enjoyable way for you and your family to help support the body?s natural immune system in the constant battle against infections such as colds and flu. It?s available in a range of tasty orange chewable tablets and high strength effervescent tablets that make delicious orange and citrus flavoured drinks.

Diet & Lifestyle
Many of us take vitamin supplements in an effort to ensure our bodies are getting the vital nutrients necessary for optimum health. Even with the best of intentions, it can be hard to eat the right foods all the time. For example, how many of us can honestly say that all the family eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day as recommended by Government experts. As a result, some people in the UK may not be getting sufficient vitamins and minerals for optimum health.
The body?s vitamin needs change throughout life. Diet is not the only influence on our nutritional health. Haliborange has always been a tasty way to supplement your diet, but now there is a choice of strength and formulation ? all delicious and all with the Haliborange guarantee of quality.

Haliborange Vitamin C Effervescents Orange warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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