Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair (60 Vcaps)

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Tissue healing requires good nutrition. Even minor injuries places demands on the body to supply and deliver adequate building blocks to maximise and optimise the healing process and ultimately produce a well healed wound.


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Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd 
(60 Vcaps)
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Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair overview

Tissue healing requires good nutrition. Even minor injuries places demands on the body to supply and deliver adequate building blocks to maximise and optimise the healing process and ultimately produce a well healed wound

Further information about Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair

Most of us never give a second thought to the healing process, we get an injury and it heals up; simple. What we neglect to appreciate is just how complex and well orchestrated the healing process actually is. If any step along the way is defective or interrupted the healing process can become delayed and problems can ensue.
Tissue healing requires good nutrition. Even minor injuries places demands on the body to supply and deliver adequate building blocks to maximise and optimise the healing process and ultimately produce a well healed wound. Delay in wound healing can be associated with opportunistic infections, cause unnecessary scar formation, impede function and cause additional emotional stress as well as delaying over all recovery.
Diet plays a viral role and needs to include enough calories, proteins and nutrients. ST-Repair has been formulated to supplement the diet of those recovering from injury or boost the nutritional status if those preparing for surgery. Its ingredients have a long and well documented key role to play in the healing process and use along side a healthy diet ensures that all the basic repair materials are in adequate supply to support the bodies natural healing mechanisms.


L-Arginine is important amino acid found in many protein foods. It?s a vital ingredient for the production of proteins structures needed for repair and a strong healed wound. Supplements containing L-Arginine have been shown to promote collagen production and accelerate the healthy healing of many kinds


The amino acid L-Glutanine is needed for optimal collagen production. Using a supplement containing L-glutanine saves the body from mobilising it from muscle tissue and ensures a ready and adequate supply for the healing process.


Slow to heal wounds have been shown to improve with the use of additional zinc and by increasing the intake of key zinc foods such as fish, eggs and shellfish.

Vitamin C & Beta carotene

These nutrients are needed for collagen production and immune support. Poor healed wounds and wound infection are associated with low vitamin C levels or intake. The same can be said about vitamin A but this nutrient should only be taken in the form of beta carotene to avoid potential toxic side effects that can occur with excessive vitamin A intake.

Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair ingredients

ST-Repair Complex is not a food replacement and needs to be taken along side a well balanced diet.

Amount per 1 capsule
Vitamin C (l-Ascorbic acid) 250mg
L-Agrinine (free form amino acid) 250mg
L-Glutamine (free form amino acid) 250mg
Zinc citrate (providing 7.5mg elemental zinc)25mg
Beta carotene (mixed carotenoids) 5mg
Providing 0.8mg vitamin A retinol equivalent
Capsule: Cellulose
Vegetarian Society (UK) approved product
Note Heavy smokers should not take over 7mg beta carotene per day. If pregnant or breast feeding or taking other medication consult a health professional before taking this or any other dietary supplement.
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How to use Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair

Soft tissue injury support

In cases of soft tissue injury ST-Repair can be safely and easily used along side your normal diet to deliver additional nutrients that may help speed the recovery and optimise the healing process. To assist injuries such as ligament, tendon and sporting strains, muscular injuries and even disc strains in the back taking 1-2 ST-Repair will supply key nutrients with known wound healing benefits. Use for 4-6 weeks for optimal results.

Before surgery

In preparation for surgery 1-2 ST-Repair capsules taken with meals for 2 weeks before the operation can restore any trace deficiencies and give your body the needed raw materials to initiate optimal wound healing from the start.

After surgery

As soon as you are able to eat food re-starting ST-Repair can help maximise the wound healing outcome. For the first week-10 days take 3 capsules daily with meals, preferably split over 3 separate meals. After this reduce to 2 capsules with meals for the next 6-8 weeks.

The importance of diet

In general wounds healing can be significantly improved by careful attention to diet and fluid intake; it may sound simple but it?s a vital step and makes all the difference between a well healed or poorly healed wound. The preparation ST-Repair will deliver the key additional nutrients L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, vitamin C, beta carotene and zinc in the form of a supplement that have all been associated with optimal healing. Whether you have a surgical wound that needs healing, a sports injury or other soft tissue strain never forget the importance of food and nutrients in the process of healthy tissue repair.

Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd ST-Repair warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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