Green Bay Org Active 10+ Manuka (227g)

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We believe that the traditional Western diet is increasingly failing to deliver the level of nutrition that a modern lifestyle demands. Learning about healthy food enables us to make conscious, informed choices about what we eat.  There is a lot of information and  recipes on our website about food and wellbeing, which we hope will inform and inspire you. View or buy our product here. As parents of young children, we know that a diet rich in unprocessed whole foods helps keeps a family healthy and happy. Complementing a few meals and snacks with nature's 'wonderfoods' .


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Green Bay 
Org Active 10+ Manuka 
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Green Bay Org Active 10+ Manuka (227g) £9.94

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Green Bay Org Active 10+ Manuka overview

We source our ingredients as much as possible from our friends and contacts who are organic pioneers in their field.

We take time to build personal relationships with our growers and supply partners, some of whom we have known for over twenty years.

This mutual long term commitment creates the space to acquire a detailed knowledge about the origin and production processes of our foods which we can share with you.
We are proud of our producers' skills and knowledge and our partnership with them. Together we make every effort to ensure that our foods reach customers in an optimal nutritional state.

Green Bay Harvest is committed to:

  • Supporting the talented and pioneering organic growers who grow good food because they simply believed in it and before it was fashionable or profitable.
  • To giving our customers an alternative to the lowest common denominator homogenised food that seems to be the standard offering of the multi-nationals who dominate our food chain.
  • To giving more people - young and old - the pleasure of buying real food, produced by people who are prepared to stake their name on the quality of the product.

Green Bay Org Active 10+ Manuka warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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