Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate (15 x 100g)

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Green and Blacks 
Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate 
(15 x 100g)
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Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate (15 x 100g) £34.35

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Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate overview


Further information about Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate

At Green & Black's we like to give our Customers what they want ? and our latest launch, ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE, is a response to many requests for a fine organic white chocolate. Fragrantly rich and creamy, velvety and dreamy, this ultra-rich confection is a real hit-the-spot treat that taps into the current growing interest in real vanilla.

First, we take full-cream organic milk, produced by cows who graze on Alpine pastureland in summer, and hay and other organic foods in winter. (A healthy lifestyle which avoids the use of growth hormones and unnecessary drugs.) Then we add organic sugar and cocoa butter, together with certified GMO-free lecthin, and ? crucially ? that flavoursome ingredient, real organic Bourbon vanilla. Naturally we use real vanilla beans from R?union Island, rather than artificial vanillin. (Nothing in Green & Black's is ever artifical.) Look closely at the new WHITE CHOCOLATE for the tiny specks that tell you it's real vanilla.

? Native to Mexico, vanilla was brought to Europe in 1510 ? although for a century it was most often used as an ingredient in fragrance.

? Vanilla is the seed pod of an orchid ? the only one of 20,000 species that produces this delight for the tastebuds.

? In its pure form (as used in Green & Black's) vanilla is the world's second most expensive spice.

? When first harvested, vanilla has little flavour and no discernable fragrance. Bringing out it aromatic qualities requires a lengthy process of fermentation and curing, over a 3 to 6 month period, when the pods shrivel to around one-quarter of their original size, lose 80% of their moisture and acquire their characteristic dark brown colour ? as well as the evocative flavour and aroma which makes vanilla such a prized ingredient.

? Just like cocoa beans, vanilla pods are affected by the climate and soil of the region they're grown in.

? Much of the so-called 'vanilla' flavouring used today comes from vanillin, an ingredient extracted from wood pulp by-products and chemically transformed into artifical flavouring. Green & Black's uses only real, top-quality vanilla pods.

We say: White is the new Dark. So enjoy...

Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic White Chocolate warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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