Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic Maya Gold Chocolate Fairtrade (15 x 100g)

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At Green & Black’s, we make and sell premium organic chocolate. We use fine organic ingredients and these are ethically sourced. This perfect balance between taste and principles is what we stand for and why we pay a premium for all our ingredients. View or buy our products here. The story of how Green & Black's began is certainly a unique one. People often ask us questions about organic sourcing, ethical sourcing and trading, the early days and how we got our name.


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Green and Blacks 
Green & Blacks Organic Maya Gold Chocolate Fairtrade 
(15 x 100g)
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Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic Maya Gold Chocolate Fairtrade (15 x 100g) £34.35

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Further information about Green and Blacks Green & Blacks Organic Maya Gold Chocolate Fairtrade

Green & Black?s Maya Gold Chocolate, the first product ever to carry the independent Fairtrade Mark, has been reformulated to appeal to a wider taste. A slightly sweeter and milder 55% cocoa solids recipe replaces the original 70% recipe, which some of our customers ? especially children ? found too strongly-flavoured.

According to Josephine Fairley, founder of Green & Black?s: ?Customers seeking a fairly-traded chocolate weren?t always after a high cocoa-solids product. We discussed this with the Maya producers of our cocoa beans, who strongly supported the move. Children, in particular, love the new recipe. We?re even shipping it to Belize where it?s a popular item in the Maya village stores. It still has the orange and spice flavour of the original recipe, but tastes even more delicious in the new formulation.? With a eye-catching sunburst design prominently displaying the Fairtrade Mark, Maya Gold will attract even more fair trade-conscious organic chocolate-lovers.

Producing Maya Gold has been an adventure for us at Green & Black?s. We also believe it has helped bring the issues of fair trade to shoppers? attention. We launched Green & Black?s Maya Gold in March 1994, using organically-grown cocoa beans which were also certified as fairly traded by inspectors from the Fairtrade Foundation. Now, we have reformulated Maya Gold, creating a more rounded and sweeter product which faithfully retains the spicy, fruity flavour of the original and, we hope, appeals to an even wider audience of chocolate-lovers.

At Green & Black?s, we feel that fair trade offers a real future to growers and farmers. But people often ask us: does fair trade really make a difference to people?s lives? Don?t just take our word for it. Read this message from Justino Peck, Chairman of the Toledo Cacao Growers? Association (TCGA), whose members supply the cocoa beans for Maya Gold, which they grow in the rainforest highlands of Belize:

?Well, to the people of the Toledo District of Southern Belize, fair trade really has made a difference to our lives. The income from selling our beans to Green & Black?s has meant that it is possible to improve on health and education in our villages. Before our partnership with Green & Black?s, which offers us a five-year rolling contract and the assurance that they will buy all our production of beans, life was very insecure. In the past, we had been badly let down by a big chocolate company who promised us a high price to grow cocoa beans, and then dropped that price dramatically when the harvest came in. Thousands of pounds of beans were left to rot on the trees because harvesting didn?t pay. The financial crisis for some families was so severe that some farmers were forced to move away to work in Guatemala or northern Belize and send money back to support their families.

Today, because of our relationship with Green & Black?s, some of those farmers have come home, and more growers are joining the TCGA. For the people of Toledo, the agreement with Green & Black?s to purchase our cocoa beans offers more prosperity ? and hope for a better future. In my village, for instance ? San Jos? ? there is a school less than a mile from my house for children from aged 5 to 14 years. But the nearest secondary school ? for children over 14 ? is 31 miles away in the main town of Punta Gorda, with a once-weekly bus service. So for parents to send their child for secondary education ? which is so important for the future of our people ? they have to get a place where children can board in Punta Gorda. That costs money, and before now, someone like me couldn?t pay for those type of expenses. But now there is an income coming into our family, it has enabled us to send my daughter Desiree to secondary school. She will get an education my parents couldn?t afford for me. Until now, Toledo has had a

Let me tell you about another real-life instance of how fair trade helps. Falling ill of course requires urgent medical assistance ? but that, again, is only available in Punta Gorda. Not long ago, a very sick baby was born in our village. Because of the extra income from selling their cocoa beans, her parents were able to hire the only vehicle in our village, the local bus, to rush them to the hospital for vital medical help. In the old days, that would have been impossible ? and the baby might have died.

So, on behalf of the Maya people, I can say yes, when you buy goods showing the Fairtrade Mark, it does make a real difference. We thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy Green & Black?s Maya Gold.?

Yours sincerely, Justino Peck

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