Greek Hellenic Oil Olive Oil Extra Virgin (500ml)

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Olive Oil Extra Virgin


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Greek Hellenic Oil 
Olive Oil Extra Virgin 
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Greek Hellenic Oil Olive Oil Extra Virgin overview

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Further information about Greek Hellenic Oil Olive Oil Extra Virgin

1. What does the term, "Extra Virgin" mean?
Basically, it is a designation under the standards of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). To qualify as an Extra Virgin, the oil must meet three important criteria, it must be cold pressed (in other words, no heat can be used in the extraction process), it must have less than 1% acidity, and it must meet taste and aroma standards set by the IOOC.
2. Is Extra Virgin the best grade of cooking/salad oil you can buy?
The best if you consider it is the purest, most natural, and flavorful grade. It is the juice of the olive, squeezed and then filtered to remove free-floating sediments (the remnants of the skin, stem, and pit of the olive). There is no other processing involved. It goes straight from "Mother Nature" into the bottle without any chemical refining that characterize the production processes of all other cooking and salad oils.

3. What is the best way to store Extra Virgin olive oil?
Keep the bottle tightly capped and store away from heat and light. Forget refrigeration, it does nothing to enhance the shelf life of an Extra Virgin olive oil (for the record, the shelf life is approximately one year.) There are some "experts" who make the point that refrigeration actually shortens the shelf life because of the transformation process the oil goes through as it returns to room temperature.

4. Should I fry with Extra Virgin olive oil?
It does add flavor to the dish but be careful with regard to high heat. Extra Virgin olive oil has a lower smoke point than regular olive oil so at higher temperatures, it is not recommended. Certainly, deep frying with Extra Virgin olive oil is out of the question.

Greek Hellenic Oil Olive Oil Extra Virgin warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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