Good Night Good Night Snore Stop (10ml)

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Snorenz, a blend of natural oils and vitamins in a liposome spray. Instant snoring relief.

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Good Night Snore Stop 
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Good Night Good Night Snore Stop overview

Snorenz, a blend of natural oils and vitamins in a liposome spray. Instant snoring relief.

Good Night Snore Stop

Further information about Good Night Good Night Snore Stop

It has been estimated that one in four men snore and that women are nearly as prone to keeping their partners awake with unwanted nightly rumblings. Although snoring is perceived merely as an inconvenience by the majority of those who do not snore, it can put a serious strain on the relationship of couples when their sleep time suffers as a consequence of one of them snoring for prolonged periods during the night. Indeed, in the United States, snoring has been cited as grounds for divorce and many couples in the UK admit to being forced to sleep in separate rooms.
Some factors that can contribute to snoring are overweight, consumption of alcohol, smoking and sleeping with the mouth open, but in a certain percentage of cases none of these apply. Fortunately, a simple-to-use herbal remedy can be of significant benefit to those who suffer from this unhappy condition themselves and to the partners who are forced to endure sleepless nights and tired mornings as a result.
GoodNight StopSnore was developed when an essential oil mouthwash, designed to deodorise the breath, was perceived as having happy side effects - some users remarked that their partners had told them their snoring had considerably diminished. The formula was examined carefully and the anti-snoring elements defined and reintroduced into a new composition with other oils having the necessary qualities, the mixture then being tried and tested on snorers who had a noticeable problem. The results were astounding, with a remarkable 76% of those using the product on a nightly basis experiencing a significant reduction in both snoring volume and duration - indeed, many ceased to snore altogether.

The 12 essential oils in the formula include peppermint, lemon, pine and mastic and have various individual properties, which are capable of resolving the set of problems that contribute to the snoring phenomenon. The oils help decongest passages, clear sinuses, facilitate breathing, soothe throats, relax respiratory muscles, induce sleep and tone the soft palate or uvula, which vibrates to cause the snoring noise. Individual oils have their own specific functions but, combined in precise quantities, they not only work well together, they also deliver a synergistic effect.

The mouthwash is long lasting, easy and economical to use. Three drops of the formula is mixed into water and the resultant solution then gargled, mouthful by mouthful, for 20-30 seconds each time, before being spat out. This procedure is carried out on a nightly basis as there is a build up of effect.

Although serious disorders such as sleep apnoeia cannot be remedied by the use of the mouthwash, requiring surgery or breathing apparatus, many snorers who have viewed their problem as 'severe' have found relief by using GoodNight Stopsnore on a regular basis. The action on the soft palate and the relaxing aroma are conducive to a good night's sleep for both parties in a 'snoring' relationship.

Why continue to suffer - and not in silence? To enjoy a peaceful night's rest, the solution is now at hand in the form of GoodNight StopSnore.

Good Night Good Night Snore Stop ingredients

Passion for Life Products Ltd

Product Name
Snorenz Instant Snoring Relief

Water, glycerine, olive oil, peppermint oil, almond oil, sesame oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6.

Good Night Snore Stop does not contain:

  • Dairy

Good Night Good Night Snore Stop warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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