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VIVA-DROPS? For the treatment and prevention of dry, red, itchy, burning watery eyes.

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Good Health Shop Viva-Drops overview

VIVA-DROPS? For the treatment and prevention of dry, red, itchy, burning watery eyes.

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Dry Eyes and Antioxidants
"Dry eyes" is a very common eye problem. Many people suffer with dry, red, itchy, burning watery eyes. Medication and environmental factors are major causes of dry eyes and irritation.

Maintaining a thick healthy tear film on the surface of the eyes is important for eye comfort. In fact, doctors point out that "dry eyes" is the primary reason for a patient's inability to wear contact lenses.

The surface of the eye and surrounding tear-producing glands are composed of epithelial cells which are dependent upon vitamin A to maintain their health. When these cells are exposed to sunlight or toxic environments, they generate highly reactive oxygen radicals that can cause significant cellular damage.

The topical application of antioxidants directly to the surface of the eyes is immediately advantageous in relieving dryness and protecting against further irritation of the eye.

Antioxidants in VIVA-DROPS? prevent oxidation. No preservatives are used because they are known to cause irritation and damage normal healthy tear constituents. VIVA-DROPS? are also gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

Good Health Shop Viva-Drops warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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