Go Do Organic 60%dark Expresso Chocolate Bar (30X35)

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What does GO*DO mean?
In Italian the word GODO means to enjoy sensual pleasure, so that means that the great taste of the chocolate becomes an integral part of enjoying life. View our range of products here.
What is the secret of GO*DO?


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Go Do 
Organic 60%dark Expresso Chocolate Bar 
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Go Do Organic 60%dark Expresso Chocolate Bar (30X35) £29.70

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Go Do Organic 60%dark Expresso Chocolate Bar overview

superb bean quality and a truly sustainable brand.
What the reviewer says:
You can see why these dinky little bars are popular in Japan where anything cute or miniature is immediately embraced. I’m rather partial to small treats myself and these little bars are a good size for providing you with a substantial chocolate hit without the risk of ploughing through more than you should.
GO*DO is nicely packaged and has natural look in keeping with the organic tag – a bit like Green & Blacks.
The chocolate itself was lovely. Not normally a fan of the white stuff I found that this had a pleasingly fudgy texture any plenty of natural vanilla flavour. It was just about the right level of sweetness and could pass as a grownup chocolate bar instead of the saccharine mulch that kiddies make a grab for.
The dark chocolate with Sicilian Almond was also good. Although not quite as fudgy as the milk or white bars, it has a nice smoothness complemented by the crunch of the almonds. Personally, I like my dark chocolate 70% at least, so I found this 60% version a little lacking in punch and a little sweet for my taste-buds - it would be great for those who aren’t quite up to the stronger stuff.
My favourite had to be the milk chocolate which was smooth and rich without being sickly or bland. This bar had a great natural flavour and was seriously moreish!

Go Do Organic 60%dark Expresso Chocolate Bar warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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