Fruit of the Earth Wild berry Aloe Vera Juice (946ML)

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Aloe vera, in various forms, is used in a variety of ways, including the treatment of bites, blistering, burns, constipation, dry skin, gum and mouth disease, insomnia, kidney ailments, skin maladies (including poison ivy and eczema), sunburn, stings, stomach disorders, ulcerated skin, wounds and hemorrhoids.

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Fruit of the Earth Wild berry Aloe Vera Juice overview

How does aloe vera gel help sunburned skin?
Aloe vera gel is soothing and moisturizing. Its consistency makes it a great organic sealant, retaining moisture and protecting skin from exposure. Also, clinical studies have shown Aloe Vera gel to significantly accelerate the burn-healing process.

What are the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice?

Clinical studies have shown that aloe vera juice may have curative properties in the treatment of stomach ulcers and other digestive conditions. It is also often used to produce a mild laxative effect.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF number, when used as a multiplier, gives you an indication of how much longer you can stay in the sun without burning when wearing sunscreen. To find out what SPF works best for you, simply multiply the number of minutes you can normally stay in the sun without burning when you're not wearing sunscreen and the SPF number and you'll get the number of minutes you can remain in the sun with that particular number. For example, if you can normally remain in the sun without burning for 20 minutes without sunscreen, an SPF 15 will provide you with 15 times the protection or 300 minutes of sunburn protection.

Isn't SPF 15 enough for all types of skin?

Individuals with fair or very fair skin should be especially careful. You should also consider the UV Index for the day, as well as the activity, geographic location and time in the sun. All these factors contribute to the amount of protection you need.

What is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?

The term sunblock used to refer to those products containing an SPF higher that 15. Today the terms are used interchangeably.

Why does my skin always burn and never tan?

Genetics determines whether skin will burn or tan. The ability to tan, or burn, is usually inherited. Darker skins have a higher amount of melanin and have more natural protection. Fairer skinned individuals are more prone to sunburn. However, no one is completely protected against sunburn.
What are UVA/UVB rays?
UVA rays are the ultraviolet rays responsible for causing long-term damage to skin and are prevalent year-round. UVB rays are stronger during the summer months and commonly known as the burning rays.
Why should I wear sunscreen daily?
Daily use of sun protection products can help reduce the potential risks associated with everyday exposure to UV rays. Each day we incur some type of incidental sun exposure during routine activities like walking the dog or jogging. It's important to protect skin daily from the long-term damage the sun can cause.
Why are there special sun protection formulas for babies and children?
The risk of developing sun cancer later in life is increased by a history of blistering sunburns during childhood years. Since younger skin is thinner and more incapable of producing natural defenses against the sun, babies and children should be limited. Infants under 6 months should be kept from any UV exposure. The chances of developing skin cancer later in life can be significantly decreased if children, starting at 6 months and continuing through adolescence, are properly protected from the sun by using SPF 25-45 products.
How do sunless tanners work?
Sunless tanners are designed to react with the amino acids in the upper layers of skin to produce a "tan." No dyes or bronzers are needed. Sunless tanners are a great alternative to sun exposure.

I'm afraid to use suncare products since my skin is acne prone. Will suncare products make my skin oily?

Some ingredients in suncare products can lead to oily skin. Look for products that are oil-free. Products containing the ingredient PABA have been found to cause irritation, so try to avoid this ingredient.
Do I need to reapply sunscreen?
You should apply your first application at least 15 minutes before going out into the sun. To maximize the effects of sunscreen, you should reapply every two hours. Unless products are waterproof or sweatproof, you should reapply immediately after swimming, sweating or towel drying.
Outside of using lotions, how can I keep my skin from getting so dry?
There are many ways you can help prevent dry skin. Try some of these tips:

  • Make sure you rinse off thoroughly after bathing. Soap can leave a drying film on skin.
  • Pat your skin dry. Do not rub your skin dry as it can irritate already dry skin.
  • Keep your house cool. The less hot air that circulates, the more humidity in the air.
  • Love your plants. Plants act like humidifiers.
  • Exercise can increase blood flow and help keep skin moisturized.

What is the difference between a skin cream and a skin lotion?
Creams typically contain more oil than water. They may feel a little greasy, but are very effective. Lotions are the most popular moisturizer. They contain more water than oil and tend to feel less greasy.

Why does Retinol burn my skin?

Retinol is one of the best known topical substances studied for its effects on wrinkles. As it is such an effective treatment, one of the major side effects of Retinol is red, irritated skin. Tingling and redness is normal, but if irritation and redness persist, lessen usage or discontinue use. To help ease the irritation try one of these tips:

  • Use products containing Retinol as directed. Do not apply directly to eyelids, as the skin is particularly thin and sensitive.
  • Wait a few minutes to apply Retinol to freshly-washed skin, as it may be more sensitive.
  • Dab a little Fruit of the Earth Pure Vitamin E Oil over the irritated area to ease the tingling.
  • Sun can increase irritation to treated areas. Try to limit sun exposure when using Retinol products.

Fruit of the Earth Wild berry Aloe Vera Juice warnings

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