Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS (90 tabs)

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FREEDOM's proprietary blend of ingredients can help minimise the absorption of carbohydrates and starches


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Femme Slender 
(90 tabs)
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Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS overview

FREEDOM's proprietary blend of ingredients can help minimise the absorption of carbohydrates and starches

Further information about Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS

Blocks sugar, carbohydrates, starch and fat Innovative and highly effective sugar & fat blocker

FREEDOM's proprietary blend of ingredients can help minimise the absorption of carbohydrates and starches. FREEDOM is also a great fat blocker, meaning you can eat fatty foods without getting fat! You can take 2 tablets, 3 times a day for best results.

Femme Slender's R&D team spent almost a year testing and developing what is without a doubt one of the best supplements available to women today.

No other Pharmaceutical Grade supplement on the market works like FREEDOM. Taking FREEDOM means you can eat a meal with starch, carbohydrates and fat and be confident that it will not greatly affect your weight. This product is ideal if you find it hard to cut out certain foods from your diet, if you are pushed for time or on holiday.

Great product for women on the go

Sometimes you just don't have time to watch what you eat or plan your meals. Carbohydrates, sugars, fat and starch are in most foods. FREEDOM can help you eat these foods without them getting absorbed.

Imagine eating a plate of pasta with fatty sauce or a burger and chips and it not affecting your body fat levels!

Part of any weight loss programme is the reduction of carbohydrates, sugars, fat and starch. FREEDOM is a great supplement for reducing your daily calorie intake from these foods.

FREEDOM is superb for helping you lose lots of weight fast by blocking the absorption of foods that get you fat. However you do need to use common sense too. You cannot eat for an army and expect not to get fat. As long as you are on a sensible diet and you use FREEDOM, you will see it working.

FREEDOM is great for reducing your daily calorie intake. Try it and see.

Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS ingredients

Each Tablet contains:

Phaseolus Vulgaris 300 mgs
Gynema Sylvestre 100 mgs
Banaba Leaf Powder 50 mgs
Chitosan 150 mgs
Choromium Polynicotinate

How to use Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS

Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, just before meals.

Femme Slender FREEDOM TABS warnings

Keep out of reach from children

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